What Makes LoveSacs Different from Bean Bags?

“I wish I had one of those Love-sacks but they are so expensive! I can go to Walmart and get a bean bag for $40.” This is just an example of the comments I see from people who just “don’t get” the advantages of a premium product. Well, just like the motto says: It’s not a damn bean bag! And here some reasons that illustrate the point…

1. No Styrofoam “Beans”

Styrofoam Balls

What’s inside a LoveSac? It is called Durafoam, which is comprised of remnants from the same material used to fill sofa cushions. Not only is Durafoam more resilient to weight, but it is also able to recover its original shape by fluffing your LoveSac. All Sacs use a proprietary blend of shredded Durafoam that forms to your shape while providing enough support to sit upright.

Traditional bean bags are filled with tiny Styrofoam balls…the same ones used to make those disposable coffee cups.

2. No Spills

Bean Bag Explosion

Unless you live in a no-fun zone free from kids, pets and physical activity then someone is going to jump on your furniture. This can be a problem if you own a vinyl trash bag full of Styrofoam balls (see above). LoveSac owners never have to spoil the fun for their guests because they know their product is guaranteed for life to never rip, tear or otherwise explode on contact. That doesn’t mean YOU won’t get hurt jumping off the stairs into your Sac, but the Sac itself will survive just about anything you can throw at it.

3. Premium Comfort

Ultimate Sac Comfort

Imagine jumping into a giant pile of couch cushions and sinking into the perfect spot just as your favorite show comes on. This is the experience that Sac owners get to enjoy every day. But the comfort level is created by more than the Durafoam sac insert. Each LoveSac cover is designed with premium fabrics that are as soft as a baby blanket on your skin. Just reading through fabric options like EskimoPhur, Latte Microvelvet, and Houndstooh Flannel is enough to make you visualize passing by a rainy afternoon snuggling in your LoveSac.  You can’t say the same about the sticky, sweaty pleather material used in cheap bean bags.

4. Amazing Versatility

Fun in the Sac

Did you know that a SuperSac measures six-feet wide? That is enough room for two adults, one kid and a small animal. How many pieces of furniture exist with this type of flexibility? Kick out the intruders and stretch your legs to enjoy a quiet nap, or sneak in a good night’s rest the next time you get kicked out of the bedroom for snoring. Just don’t be surprised if you have to battle the family dog for first dibs on the best seat in the house.

5. Built for Fun

Super Sac Hero

Family room wrestlemania, free-jump competitions, and king of the mountain challenges. Yes indeed, there are hundreds of ways to incorporate indoor fun with your LoveSac. This is the only piece of unbreakable furniture you will ever own, so don’t waste the opportunity by only using it as  just another seat. Take out your frustrations from work and school without busting walls or throwing remote controls. Don’t worry…your Sac won’t take it personally!

Don’t let the herd of nay-Sayers steer you towards making a bad choice. There is only one LoveSac in the world…and those who settle for “just a bean bag” are missing out on one of life’s little pleasures!


  1. lower your prices.

  2. My bag exploded when the stupid cheap add zipper broke that holds all the shitty foam!

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