What makes LoveSac Sactionals modular?

Most of us don’t shop for furniture very often, so I’m sure some of you are wondering…what is so great about a modular sactional? In short, it means the couch is composed of sections, or modules, that can be arranged in a number of different ways.

Beyond the fact that changing the design and layout of your sofa is an awesome feature, there are a few other considerations that make modular sofas the wave of the future…

– Easy to transport: Eliminates the stress of moving a 6 foot couch through a 3 foot wide door frame.
– Easy to clean: Sactional covers are washable, but in case of a spill you’ll only need to wash one cover.
– Easy expansion: When it comes time to upgrade from loveseat to sectional you just need to buy a few extra pieces.

Now at the top of this list is the transportation, or moving of the couch/sectional. This is what I would call a Uber Feature! Have you ever moved a couch up several flights of stairs? Obviously it sucks and any sane person would gladly move several small pieces over one ridiculously bulky couch.

I found these funny posters by Michelle Brodrick that illustrate this point very well. I’m not sure if she did these as a school project or if they were simply never used by the LoveSac marketing department. Either way I think they are awesome!

Lovesac Poster from Michele Brodrick


Sactional Poster by Michele Broderick

You can find the originals posted here.

Also read the full details about LoveSac Sactionals and the different positions you can create with them in this post.

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