What is a LoveSac?

LoveSacs are the softest, most versatile seating option to hit modern furniture since the chair recliner. They combine the luxury of high-end materials with the functionality of a bean bag – making these “Sacs” the most fun you will ever have sitting on your butt!

While the company has expanded their product line over the years, the original LoveSac SuperSac is still the best seller. In short, these are giant fabric bag filled with shredded Durafoam, which is then covered with a removable, washable cover that is available in many different styles and colors.

What's a LoveSac?

LoveSacs are shrunk to 1/16 their original full size and shipped inside of a reusable nylon duffel bag. The “naked sac” is the insert that contains the Durafoam. The first step in unpacking your Sac is to place the naked sac inside the designer cover.

Once you’ve covered your Sac can begin the fluffing process to expand your LoveSac to full size. This is done by griping the compressed Durafoam and breaking it apart into smaller chunks.  Continue to flip and turn your Sac over and over. It also helps (believe it or not) to kick, punch and jump on your Sac during the fluffing process. Because it takes time for air to penetrate all of the Durafoam, it may take 48 hours before your LoveSac reaches full size.

The end result of this process creates a giant pillow-like ball that is soft enough to sink into, but supportive enough to sit in for hours. The best part is you can sit, flip, kick and jump on your LoveSac without worrying about hurting it. The quality of the materials and a lifetime warranty means even kids and dogs can get in on the fun!

LoveSac Jumps

LoveSacs are available in seven different sizes: The BigOne, Supersac, Moviesac, Pillowsac, Citysac, Gamersac, and Kidsac. Depending on which size you select, they can seat up to 3 adults and 5 children. Because they are so durable and comfortable, they are perfect for family rooms, home theaters and even offices.

Who needs a LoveSac? Just about anyone who enjoys playing video games and watching movies or sporting events in comfort and luxury. They are also perfect for sparking conversation and snuggling with someone special.

Which Sac fits your personality? Find out at LoveSac.com

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