Top 5 Things to Do in Your LoveSac

5. Zone Out
One of our favorite things to do in a LoveSac is NOTHING AT ALL!  Sounds boring?  Trust us, it is much more refreshing than you could imagine.  Just relax – read a magazine, listen to music, or close our eyes and clear your mind.

4. Halo Sessions
Contrary to what some may think, it is not easy to throw down a five hour session on Halo.  It takes skill, persistence and the perfect seat.

3. Jump on It
We can’t officially recommend this – but rumor has it that LoveSac Freestyle Jumping is being considered as an Olympic event.  Start training now!

2. Watch a Movie
This is what your Sac was made for – functional comfort.  Plop yourself in the center of the room to maximize the surround sound!

1. Snuggle Up
The only thing better than relaxing in your Sac is sharing it with someone special.  After all, they are called LoveSacs for a reason.

What is your favorite LoveSac activity?  People are coming up with new uses for their LoveSac every day.  Take a look at what these guys are doing…

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