Tips for Assembling Your Lovesac

When your Lovesac arrives at your door, the package will contain reusable duffel bag with a cover and a “naked insert” – which is a compressed bag of Durafoam.  The easiest way to put it together is to unwrap your cover and spread it out on the floor.  Take the plastic bag off of the insert and let it breathe for about an hour.

After your insert has sat for an hour you can begin to break up the Durafoam. Start from the outside and break off chunks through the cover. As you are doing this you should be flipping your insert over several times. After you have broken the Durafoam up into manageable pieces, go back and break these pieces down further. Massage the pieces as you fet them down to about two inches in diameter. Wait 24 hours before putting your insert inside the cover.

Now comes the fun part, put the insert into your LoveSac cover and go to town! Sit in it, jump on it, and literally toss your sac around the room.  The more sit and flip your LoveSac the comfier it will become as the Durafoam continues to expand.

Keep in mind that it does take a couple days for the Durafoam to fully expand.  During this time you should be constantly fluffing your sac so that it gets a soft and even consistency.

As times goes on you will want to repeat this process every week or two.  Not only does this prevent “dead spots” from building, but it also keeps your Lovesac looking and feeling new.  One of the amazing features of Durafoam is its ability to bounce back to its original size.  It just takes a little work on your part to promote the process.

Here is a fun video by a fan that shows how to unpack and assemble your new Lovesac…

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  1. Soo, no one has posted in here for a month are so. And I have to say that I don’t know if love sac changed the way they package their sacs or what because I bought one yesterday and the foam was already in the sac, I just had to break it up. EXTREME WORKOUT to break up that foam. I spent an hour and a half and I still haven’t got the large chunks broken up, let alone the smaller 5 in diameter ones…

  2. Lyss B….I just got a lovesac and the foam is already in little pieces in the sac….is that how your’s was?

  3. Love Sac says:

    SD – they are sending the durafoam in smaller pieces now to improve the fluffing process.

  4. Hey all,
    I dont know if they changed they way they sell these, but I used to work in one of the stores. We always told people that it would take a few days or a week (depending on what size) to fully fluff up, but it wont do it just sitting there! Whats the best way to finish fluffing a sac? USE IT! Sit in it, roll around in it, throw things at it. Don’t complain, its a fun product, so have some fun with it. It is all worth it in the end, and only get better with time. I’ve had mine for over 5 years now, and won’t be getting rid of them anytime soon.

  5. Can anyone give a good explanation of exactly how I should be lining up the cover when I put the insert in? The directions included are a little vague. Thanks.

  6. I just got a SuperSac and it took only 5 days to ship! But, the cover, tubesac, and the cup holder did not ship with it! I still cannot get my Sac to fluff up even though i know it takes a few days. I’m left with a chunky sac!!!

  7. Ava – it does take a few days but it sounds like you need to fluff your sac a bit more. Check out my owner guide at

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