The Dog Ate My LoveSac?

Imagine coming home and seeing your LoveSac ripped to shreds with durafoam strewn across the family room. Was it a bear attack? Werewolf?

Believe it or not there were no wild animals involved. The devastation came from none other than Xander and Sheba – two Great Dane “babies” as their owner describes them.

Let’s take a look at before picture…

So happy and snuggly!


Now here’s what the LoveSac looked like after mom and dad were away at work one day…

The scene of the crime.

Sorry guys, I don’t think this is covered under the lifetime warranty!

In another corner of the internet I found this funny picture of a LoveSac taking a smoke break…

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!

That’s all for this edition of LoveSac Fun Stuff. If you have entertaining LoveSac pics or videos you can email them to me for possible inclusion in the Fun Stuff section. Send to admin -at-

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