Save $100 During the SuperSac Sale

If you would’ve jumped on the last LoveSac sale then you’d be sitting in your SuperSac right now! But you didn’t and that means once again you’ll be watching the game from the same high-mileage sofa you used last year :\

But hey, good things come to those who wait, right? That might actually be true in this case because LoveSac is running a limited time coupon code good for $100 off any SuperSac in stock – including the package deals. All you have to do is enter RAVENS or NINERS in the discount box at checkout. This special offer is good through 2-5-13.

If you’re a die-hard 49ers fan then you might consider this Vintage Velvet Cognac Supersac Package. It comes with matching drink holder, foot rest and neck pillow. It’s listed at $749, but with the coupon you get it for $649 with free shipping.

49ers SuperSac?

Sorry Raven fans but you won’t find any purple Sacs to choose from.  That is probably for the better unless you really need something to match your purple furniture. The better choice, in my opinion, would be the Heathered Grey Supersac Package pictured below. It comes with the same accessories as the Cognac package and also costs $649 with coupon.

$100 Off Super Sacs

Click here to see all of the SuperSacs available. Note that Phur and Rhinoplush varieties are not package deals, but you can still use the codes RAVENS or NINERS to save $100 off the list price. The coupon expires on February 5th, so make sure your get your order in before then.

I know you’re wondering…who will Captain Sac root for in this year’s Super Bowl? I’m so happy the Patriots aren’t in it that I haven’t even picked anyone yet! I think the 49ers have the better coach, but having an inexperienced QB is definitely a minus. That being said, I still like the Kaepernick cinderella story so I’ll put my money on them.

One thing is for sure…I know exactly which seat in the house will be mine!

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