Sac Art: Three Perspectives from One Image

It’s picture time again on! This time I stumbled across what is likely the first ever LoveSac coloring contest. The official term is a collab, and FooRay from deviantART created the drawing below and then asked other artists to finish the design.

Here is the original…

big enough for two by FooRay

“big enough for two.” by FooRay (link)

Here’s a submission from pennysilver…


Untitled by *pennysilver (link)

This next rendition is from CassandraJames…

Room for two "geeked out"

Room for two “geeked out” by CassandraJames (link)

And one more from Robby92…

Big Enough for Two

Big Enough For Two by FooRay via Robby92 (link)

Which one do you like best?


  1. yetsingea says:

    Love the one with the electric vibe, wish I could draw like that

  2. Kim Rawks says:

    I love that style! It’s a great promotional pic!

  3. Talented artist. Are you using these on any company literature? Might help sell them to teen girls.

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