RhinoPlush LoveSacs are Here!

Looking for a little more texture and protection when wrapping your Sac? RhinoPlush is the answer. Billed as the heartiest fabric in the LoveSac line of covers, this unique fabric has a Velvish exterior bonded to a thick layer of synthetic padding. The result is a resilient cover that provides the softness of velvet and the comfort you expect from LoveSac.

This bonding process used to create RhinoPlush fabric creates a sort-of rhinoceros-skin wrinkle which shows through the Velvish. Because this fabric features additional padding, it has all of the flexibility of the resistant and washable Velvish fabric, but with additional loftiness and elasticity.

RhinoPlush is perfect for high-traffic rooms where food and drink is often the enemy of traditional furniture. It is stain resistant, machine washable, thick, and padded. The padding though is the key because it adds another layer of protection between spills and the LoveSac interior that contains Durafoam.

RhinoPlush covers are currently available in the colors Taupe, Chocolate, and SeaWater. You can get them for CitySac, GamerSac, MovieSac, PillowSac, SuperSac, and The BigOne.

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  1. Was needing a Lovesac “gamesac” cover. Do you know where I can find one as the “gamesac” shape has been discontinued…

  2. Hi Christine,

    You can still grab a G2 sac in the clearance section. Click Here-> http://www.kqzyfj.com/ok79cy63y5LOUSTURNLNMTORMMN?sid=g2

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