PillowSacs: The Best Blend of Comfort and Versatility

Perhaps the most underrated product in LoveSac’s line of alternative furniture is the PillowSac. This 4.5′ by 6′ over-sized pillow is perfect for college dorm rooms and bedrooms. But the really neat part about PillowSacs is that you can set them up in a variety of ways.

If you are confined to a small space like a dorm room, then you need to maximize the functionality of your furniture. This is where the PillowSac offers more than your standard bed, futon or loveseat. In fact, with a few simple tweaks, it can function as all three of those traditional furniture pieces!

You basically have four different ways to configure a PillowSac. You can use the rocker frame (pictured above) to create a sofa seat with back support that sits just off the floor. The second option is to simply prop the PillowSac against a wall for a softer, more flexible seating choice.

Your third option (displayed above) is called the “pea pod” and it makes for one of the most comfortable reading/gaming chairs you’ll ever find!

Last but not least, lay your PillowSac flat on the floor and it instantly becomes a double-bed. At 54″ x 75″ the PillowSac is the exact size of a standard full size mattress, so your standard fit blankets and sheets will work perfectly.

Like all LoveSac furniture products, the PillowSac line offers a full array of designer covers to match your personality and decor. The big difference here is the quality and softness of the fabrics available. Where traditional futons are limited to stock colors dyed into cheap materials, PillowSac covers include soft, inviting fabrics like Eskimo Phur, Rhinoplush and Microterry. Which would you rather take a nap on?

Now you might think with all the premium materials used in a PillowSac that the price would be out of reach for most. The good news is you can get a complete PillowSac package, including rocker frame, sac, designer cover and more, for less than you’d pay for a full-sized mattress and box spring.

The best place to begin your PillowSac search in the LoveSac.com Deals Section because this is where they post the exclusive packages I mentioned above.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with the LoveSac PillowSac for comfort and quality. They are a perfect fit for smaller spaces, and their multi-purpose capabilities mean you’ll always be finding new ways to use yours.

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  1. I may get this for my grand daughter for college. I have the supersac in my house and love it! This will be easier to haul back and forth every year than a bed for sure!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I can understand why people might overlook these. Afterall, the old “beanbag chair” is sort of burned into people’s minds when it comes to these types of products. They naturally gravitate toward the one they believe is closer to it. But I kinda like the descriptions above. I’d like to try one.

  3. Wow! A giant pillow. I didn’t see this when I was shopping. I might have picked it instead – but I do love the one I have.

  4. Woot, I will ceaitrnly put this to good use!

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