Purple Haze? New LoveSac Line Includes Fun New Color

Interior designers with a penchant for purple will adore the new line Amira Purple sacs and sectionals available now at LoveSac.com. This limited edition, neutral-style purple shows strands of beige and would seem to blend better with light interiors.

Amira Purple is available across all of LoveSac’s most popular products, including SuperSacs, Movie Loungers, Sactionals and PillowSacs. The fabric itself is the same polyester tweed used for several other sactional colors. Like all LoveSac fabrics, it is washable does not shrink or stretch.

Purple LoveSac Sofa

The other new color you’ll find goes by the name of Sandstorm Chevron. It is offered as a Microterry fabric in special SuperSac and PillowSac packages. When viewed up close, the fabric has a zig-zag pattern that adds a nice texture to an otherwise “plain” color.

Last but not least is the new Golden Vintage Velvet Citysac Package, which comes with foot rest, drink holder and neck pillow. Right now this color is only available in this limited edition package.

New LoveSac colors

Here is the official list of colors and products associated with the new designs along with the sale prices being offered at the time of this posting…

Limited Edition Amira Purple Tweed Supersac Package $699

Limited Edition Sandstorm Chevron Microterry Supersac Package $799

Amira Purple Tweed Pillowsac Package on The Rocker Frame $649

Limited Edition Sandstorm Chevron Microterry Pillowsac Package $699

Limited Edition Golden Vintage Velvet Citysac Package $599

Four Cushion Chaise Sectional and Ottoman with Sultan Purple Tweed Covers $4,425

Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Sultan Purple Tweed Covers $3,805

Movie Lounger with Sultan Purple Tweed Covers $3,540

Long Sofa with Sultan Purple Tweed Covers $3,185

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