Easiest Way for Moving Your LoveSac

So you found yourself a great new place – congratulations! Of course there is still that 100 pound LoveSac staring at you back home asking “can I come too?” Thanks to the new Sac Shrink Kit, saying yes to your old friend is easier than ever.

Ever since LoveSacs came about there has been much debate over how to move them from one address to the next. Sure, it was great when your new sac came in the mail shrunken down to 1/6 of its full size. You simply opened the duffel bag it came in and flopped it around the room until the Durafoam inside expanded.

Well, now you can reverse the process with ease! The LoveSac Shrink Kit comes with custom fit plastic bags and duffel carrier. All you need is a Shop Vac or vacuum with hose attachment. First you remove your designer cover and place the naked sac insert in one of the giant plastic bags. Thread the bag opening around your vacuum hose and literally suck the air out of your Durafoam!

There is no mess because you are NOT opening the naked sac that holds the stuffing. The naked sac cover is porous enough to allow air in and out of its fabric. All you are doing with the vacuum is removing air. The result is a shrink-wrapped sac that fits snugly in the new duffel bag you received with the kit. Viola, your sac is ready to move with you!

It sure beats the heck out of the old way…

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  1. A great alternative to the shrinking kit is buying a sport utility cover and compressing your sac with the sport utility cover. Its also great because you can take it outdoors too.

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  3. Sharlene Lowry says:

    I’m trying to find to buy this? Can someone help? Thanks

  4. Sharlene Lowery, call Lovesac customer service, it is not online, but I was told while in chat with them that I could order thru chat or calling customer service. I have used one on The Big One and it is well worth the extra effort..

  5. How is this different than the cinch sac that they sell online? Cheaper? How much is this? Thank you!

  6. BreAnn L Whitaker says:

    how long can you leave it in the shrink kit? i am moving in 30 days wondering if it would be ok if i shrank it now and left it till i moved?

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