Luv Sack Furniture

Many people confuse the name Luv Sack with the popular product LoveSac.  This isn’t hard to do with the many unique spellings used for it on the internet.  But simply confusing the proper name for the term Luv Sack can lead to missed opportunities for saving money.  There are a number of imitators who use the term Luv Sack to confuse customers into buying their products instead of the original.Luv Sack

The real LoveSac is a double-overlock stitched Khaki polyester Sac Insert with double zippers with locking zipper pulls, reinforced with bar-tacking construction at seam joints and filled with shredded DuraFoam.  It is the Durafoam that gives each this product its unique feel and bounce-back resistance.

The are a variety of sizes to fit every room, from the one person Player Sac to The Big One, which can seat 3+ adults.  Each is shrunk to 1/16 their estimated size and packaged in a durable duffel bag for easy shipping and transportation.

LoveSacs are comfortable, fun, and unique.  Their loyal customer base not only enjoys lounging in their sacs, but they also love the creative design that adds a fun attraction to any room.

Just remember that the proper terminology is LoveSac…not Luv Sack.  By searching for the correct term instead of Luv Sack you will find the patented product that everyone is talking about.

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