LoveSacs – Questions and Answers

I get all sorts of questions from readers about the different features and uses of LoveSacs. I thought it would help to make a post with everything answered in one place.

Here is my unofficial guide to LoveSac FAQ:

Q: Can you sleep in a LoveSac? Is it comfortable?
A: Yes and Yes! I would recommend the SuperSac size if you plan on using it this way a lot. I am 6 foot tall and have no problems nodding off in my SuperSac. You will have to curl up some since the diameter is also 6′. If you are deciding between a futon or LoveSac then I would look into the PillowSac models. These can be laid flat on the floor like a traditional bed.

Q: Where is the cheapest place to buy a LoveSac?
A: If you are shopping for a brand new model then the best discounts can be found on my LoveSac Coupon Page. Clearance SuperSac Packages can be found as low as $699 and PillowSac Packages average $599.

Craigslist and eBay are options for used models but make sure you shop local or else you’ll pay a small fortune in shipping. Note: Shipping is free for all orders on the LoveSac website.

Q: Where can I buy more shredded foam (Durafoam) for my LoveSac?
A: You can find cheap bags of furniture foam on Amazon

Q: Do you have to buy a cover for a LoveSac?
A: Pretty much. It is not a required purchase but the “Naked Sacs” are not designed to be used alone. Similar to bed sheets and comforters, LoveSac covers provide the texture, protection and style to make your sac enjoyable.

Q: What is “fluffing” and how is it done?
A: Every couple days of use you’ll want to roll your LoveSac around and shake it to make it fluffy again. When you sit in your sac the foam sinks around you. After several uses the durafoam compacts and feels flat. The good news is after a minute of fluffing your sac should feel like new!

Q: How are the covers put on?
A: Similar to putting a bowling ball in a bag. You stuff the naked sac within the cover and use the zipper to close it up. The covers aren’t skin tight so the process is relatively easy.

Q: How long does it take get your new LoveSac delivered?
A: Mine took two weeks but the website says 1 to 3 weeks. I would guess it depends on the time of the year. Plan ahead or call customer service if you are buying one as a gift.

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  1. This really helped. I plan to buy mine new and will check out the coupons page. I am going to order the supersac and if I like it may buy the sectional!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Regarding the Durafoam, maybe I just haven’t done my homework but can you stuff them more or take some out to adjust the softness of it?

  3. Yeah, putting the covers on like a bowling ball is a good way of describing it. And it is very easy.

  4. Tim Robinson says:

    I really enjoy my Supersac, however over the two years ive owned it it will not fluff up the way it used to. I would like to buy more filler foam but cannot find it. Is there a way i can buy more along with a new cover? Should i go to a store?

  5. @Tim Robinson

    I contacted customer support and they allowed me to buy more durafoam in boxes of 10lb increments because after being in storage for so long, the foam wouldn’t fluff up like it used to. They have a cap, though, on how many you can order. Hope this helps!

  6. How much was the extra foam. My jerk dog peed on fine while the cover was being washed.

  7. How do you remove some of the duraform to make it softer?

    Doesn’t look like we can unzip the zipper….need instructions.
    Please reply to this email to me


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