LoveSacs are Dog’s Best Friend

Any dog owner who has a lovesac knows their favorite bean bag also happens to be fido’s as well.¬† This makes for some great photo opportunities like the pictures below…

Lost at Sea

Lost at Sea

Lazy Day

Lazy Dog in LoveSac

Camo Dog

Camo Dog in Lovesac

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Dog Loves His Sac

King of the Mountain

King LoveSac


Who gets first dibs to the¬†LoveSac at your house…Man or Beast?


  1. Our dog loves our sac!! Beast definitely wins.

  2. beast(s) if you count my 6 year old ha ha! during the winter i will find them both snuggled in under the blanket! push every one over and crawl in!

  3. Kim Rawks says:

    You know this is how I first learned about lovesacs? A friend of my parents had one their German Shepherd slept on. I was actually envious when I saw it.

  4. Well, now that you mention it I’m not sure I could keep my pets off of it. So the covers are washable?

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