LoveSacs and Dorm Life = Total Bliss

College students across the nation are getting ready for the upcoming school year. But before you waste spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks you need to start thinking of ways to pimp out that drab dorm room. After all, if you want to attract guests then you at least need somewhere for them to sit.

Now of course you could drag dad’s old recliner to college, but that’s not going to send the best social signals to your new friends. A new couch would be nice…if you had the space. What about a futon? That’s perfect…if you like the Wal-Mart look.

The better solution is to get yourself a LoveSac. The GamerSac, CitySac and PillowSac all measure under five feet wide and provide the comfort and style you expect as an up-and-coming socialite. They are perfect for watching movies, playing games, and sleeping through class!

Now through September 1st you’ll find a number of “Back to School Packages” on sale at These deals are not available in the retail stores so you’ll have to shop online to get them. Shipping is free and you can have you order sent to your dorm if you don’t have room in your parent’s ride to haul it yourself.

Here is a quick list of some available packages as of 8-7-11…
Honey Badger PillowSac Package – Special Price: $599 (originally $1006)
Black Leather CitySac Package – Special Price: $599 (originally $836)
Chocolate Rhinoplush Gamersac – Special Price : $299 (originally $339)

Not many people are familiar with the PillowSac (pictured below) but these things are great for dorm rooms because they also transform into a bed. Use the rocker frame to create comfortable seating for two or simply prop it up against the wall. You can also turn it on its side to build the perfect “pea pod” gaming chair.

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