LoveSack Modern Furniture

One of the issues with having a trendy product with a funny name is that it can often be misspelled.  While many people say LoveSack when they are looking for the popular chair / bean bag combination, the proper spelling is actually LoveSac.  Of course most people will understand what was meant by Love Sack, but you never know what you will find.

There are a number of online stores that are using the spelling of LoveSack to capitalize on the original product.  They try to trick consumers into thinking that their LoveSacks are the same thing as a Sac.  This misrepresentation can lead to unsatisfied customers.LoveSack

The original LoveSac is a durable polyester bag filled with Durafoam that is built for durability and comfort.  Unlike the cheap bean bags of old, LoveSacs will never leak, break, or go flat.  They can be instantly fluffed to their original shape by simply flipping and tossing the bag.

What make these chairs so hot is their unique design and feel.  No matter how you sit, lay, or jump on them they always feel new to the next person who uses them.  Combine this with their unique fashion appeal and you have a one-of-a-kind chair that is sure to turn the heads of your visitors.

All LoveSacs come with a Khaki Sac Insert filled with Durafoam, brown nylon duffel bag with free keychain, fluffing instructions, product info sheet with warranties. Sac Covers include: washable fabric Sac Cover, LoveSac mini-catalog, LoveSac sticker.

LoveSacs carry a 2-lifetimes warranty, and covers have a 3-year warranty.

Don’t forget the next time you search for LoveSack to use the proper spelling.  Otherwise you might find out the hard way that not all LoveSack are actually real LoveSacs.

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