LoveSac Vintage Line: Inspired by Mad Men

The AMC television show “Mad Men” has made a lot of things cool again, but can it make modern luxuries like LoveSacs even better? Judging by the new LoveSac Vintage Line we are inclined to say so.

If you think about the beautiful women of Mad Men they all share a soft, silky style that goes oh so well with their hesitant but daring personalities. Yes there was a time when plastic surgery and six-pack abs were the last thing on a guy’s mind when it came to women. Attraction was more about the way women made you feel, and fantasies focused on the passion instead of the event.

So what in the heck does this have to do with LoveSac? Maybe nothing…or perhaps everything. When you look at the new Vintage Line you’ll either see horrendously tacky textures, or if you’re lucky, you’ll be transported to another era where comfort can be found in life’s simple luxuries.

The Velvet Champagne PillowSac Package (shown below) ships with everything you need to create your own escape to a place where pleasure is served first. The shiny velvet sheen invites you to rest your weary feet, while the soft and conforming surface lets you forget about your worries.

The package comes complete with the PillowSac Rocker Frame to support your Sac, as well as Blue Hawaiian and Purpletini Throw Pillows to enhance the decor. Somewhere deep inside the box you’ll also find “Francis the D.I.Y. Deer Head”. Why? I’m not sure, but odds are he’ll end up on your wall somewhere.

Not everyone is suited for the LoveSac Vintage Line. If you can say “Purpletini” with a seductive smile then you may be one of the chosen few. Once you are in, you will have become one of the elitists…and it will be up to everyone else to meet your expectations.

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  1. I love the 1950 s silhouette, as it fits my body type quite well. Have you seen the work of Abigail Betz? Her clihotng resembles the dresses that you have posted!

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