LoveSac Tips for Best Results

I’ve had my Chocolate Rhinoplush SuperSac for about 3 years now, and even though they are easy to maintain, I have discovered a few tips that will help every LoveSac owner get the most out of their Sac experience.

Here are my Top 5 LoveSac Tips…

1. Fluff you LoveSac every day.
The durafoam padding inside your Sac gets more compacted every time someone hops on it. Now it doesn’t get hard, but you’ll notice it feels deflated. The good news is that all you need to do is spend a minute fluffing it back up. I like to flip mine over and roll it around two or three times. This process is a lot more effective than shaking the Sac in place. You need to break up the compacted foam inside, and once you do that it will fluff back to original size.

2. Clean your LoveSac cover at the laundromat.
I’m not sure about the smaller models, but SuperSac covers are pretty darn big, and they are thick. The best place to wash your cover is in one of those mega-washers at coin laundromat. I use cold water with half a cup of detergent to avoid any soapy residue. Even though you’re not supposed to dry the covers (air dry is recommended) I put mine in the super dryers for 20 minutes to give it a jump start on drying. So far that plan has worked well.

Captain Sac and the Crew!

Captain Sac and the Crew!

3. Beware: Pets love sacs!
It won’t take long for your dog or cat to discover the LoveSac to be the best seat in the house. You probably expected this, but keep in mind there are some drawbacks to letting Fido and Fluffy snuggle in your Sac. Pet hair sticks to my Rhioplush cover like tape, so you’d be wise to purchase a few lint rollers if you want to keep yours clean. My cat’s claws haven’t caused any damage to date, but I can see how claws from a big dog could eventually wear a hole in a cover. And of course there’s the biggest issue – pee! If your pet has bladder problems then keep them away. Yes, you can clean the COVERS, but once urine gets soaked into the durafoam it is all over.

4. Hot vs. Cold
From a climate standpoint, you’ll want to enjoy your Sac in a room that runs cooler. They seem to insulate your body heat, which is great for the winter, but a little too warm in the summer if the air conditioner isn’t working welll. I keep mine in our refinished basement where the temperature in perfect, but when I had it upstairs my back would start to get sweaty on hot days. In the end I would recommend a room that stays around 70 degrees or below.

5. It is all true!
All the rumors you hear about people jumping off the sofa onto their LoveSac are all true. I seriously think it is impossible for a human to ruin a LoveSac with their hands, feet or body. You can jump on them, throw them, kick them and even beat it with a stick – they will absorb it all. My kids have used ours as a trampoline, diving pool, and wrestling ring. Despite all this, I have yet to see anything more than a random loose thread. The cover is not worn and you can’t even tell the cat uses his claws to climb up the side to find a seat. In short, unless you are playing with chainsaws and fire then you should find the quality of LoveSacs to be top-notch.

So those are my top five tips for LoveSac shoppers and owners. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions I didn’t cover here – or go to my FAQ section.


  1. If you take the cover off your Lovesac to clean it, how do you put it back on the fully inflated core?

  2. Hi Kevin,

    The cover is a size or two larger than the naked sac so it fits together fairly easily. You’ll have to wrestle with it a bit by yourself, but two people can get the job done in a couple minutes.


  3. My toddler just peed on the LovSac. Can the stuffing & or stuffing holding cover be washed?

  4. I also have the same problem with urine on our sac…I have washed the cover, however still smells of urine…any suggestions on cleaning?

  5. I have the big one, without the cover it was huge, but once the cover came it’s not so big anymore, the cover is def smaller than the sac.

  6. I just bought a LoveSac from someone and didn’t know they were Smokers. I washed the cover but the inside sac Smells HORRIBLE of smoke. I’m trying baking soda and vinegar but can I buy a new inside cover? It’s actually yellow from nicotine. Gross!

  7. I accidentally bought the Super Sac when I could’ve done w a smaller one. I’ve had it for about 8 years and it’s my favorite spot in the house. I do have one problem: I can’t just sit on it, I need to sit on a giant pillow on the Sac. The reason is it develops a big ‘butter hole’ and it’s hard on the back after awhile.

    To me, This indicates not enough stuffing OR (here’s the question): Can I buy a cover 1 size smaller and cram the inner Sac into it to result in a firmer Sac? Or will I end up busting the seams of the cover?
    Thanks for your reply!

  8. Durafabulous says:

    You can add more stuffing from Lovesac (“warranty foam”), or try Jaxx shredded foam.

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