LoveSac SuperSac Review: The One that Started Everything!

Back when LoveSac founder Shawny D. was selling sacs out of his van while traveling across the country, the SuperSac was the only size available. Today there are several sizes and styles to choose from but this super sack is still the flagship product.

The LoveSac SuperSac pretty much defines the features most people think of when buying a giant bean bag. At 6 feet in diameter it comfortably seats 2 adults with plenty of arm and leg room. A fully fluffed SuperSac stand about 3 feet high and weighs almost 70 pounds. These dimensions make it similar to a standard loveseat (no relation lol) you would find at a furniture store.

A lot of people get stuck deciding between the smaller MovieSac vs the SuperSac. If this is the case for you then the big difference in my opinion is the SuperSac is much better for sleeping purposes. Whether you like to nap in the afternoon or pass out after a big night out, the SuperSac excels in this category. The key being that your feet will not hang over the side like they do on a MovieSac.

Another bonus with the larger dimensions of this product is being able to comfortably seat two people. Even if you typically watch movies or play video games alone, you never know when a special guest come over. And if you are a pet owner you won’t want to be fighting for space with Fido or Mr. Whiskers, both of whom will be regular visitors to the best seat in the house.

All LoveSacs are built the same way. The inner stuffing is shredded Durafoam, which you add to a polyester zipped insert called a naked sac. The amount of Durafoam and the size of your naked sac insert depends on what model you order. The fashionable LoveSac covers are what holds your foam-filled naked sac and provides extra comfort, protection, and style. So basically you have three layers to a LoveSac – the Durafoam, the naked sac insert, and the cover. SuperSacs sold with covers include all three layers along with a duffel bag for shipping.

Here is the official SuperSac product video from Shawny D

Complete Gallery of SuperSac Styles and Packages

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  1. Jimmy Zzzzz says:

    Best purchase I made this year!

  2. I reccomend the supersac! my hubby and I fall asleep on it watching tv all the time! our dog hannah always butts in to and there is still plenty of room!

  3. Kim Rawks says:

    I’d definitely go with the supersac. I used it in my dorm room in college where me and two of my friend could watch TV on it. Great buy!

  4. I saw the picture of the lovesac next to the pool and it made me wonder – are they water resistant?

  5. I have found that none of the lovesacs are very comfortable for more than one person. You end up crammed together in the middle. We own a Moviesac, Supersac, and The big one. Thinking all the time bigger was better. Actually the moviesac is very comfortable, and does not take up your whole room… Kind of a waste of a couple thousand dollars always thinking one would be good for sleeping in etc.

  6. Greg Diescher says:

    Loved it in the store, have too few stores.

  7. I loved my chair (I have a SuperSac) at first but that quickly changed. The cover that came with it is not very soft and it immediately goes flat and it is not even a year old. Hard for me to re-fluff because it is so darn heavy.

    Then they had covers go on clearance since I can’t afford full price I ordered 2 for a total of $245. Three weeks later I emailed because I have heard nothing of them shipping yet my card was charged right away. No response. So today another week later I go on the site to chat. I was told the items I ordered were no longer available. When asked why I was charged I was told they always charge right away. When I asked why I wasn’t automatically refunded if the items were not available I was told they don’t do that but that I could order something else now over $500 each or request a refund. What a scam! False advertising a price, charging me but never shipping, and making me ask for a refund. So done with this company! I have referred many friends your way and now I am embarrassed to have done so. How do you stay in business?

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