What size of LoveSac should you buy?

There are many different sizes of LoveSacs to choose from.  Which size suites you depends on how much space you have in your home and what type of activities you will use your LoveSac for.

Here is the breakdown of the LoveSac models and sizes…

The KidSac was designed for any person less than 4 feet tall.


• 2.5’ in diameter
• 20 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
• Designed to seat 1 child
• Changeable, washable Covers available in many fabrics
• Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/6th its original volume

The GamerSac offers plenty of elbow room for a teenager or small adult.  Perfect for playing video games in.


• 2.5’ wide and 2.5′ tall
• 22 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
• Designed to seat 1 teenager or small adult
• Changeable, washable Covers available in many fabrics
• Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/6th its original volume

The PillowSac is a uniquely designed LoveSac that is essentially an oversized pillow filled with Durafoam.  It is great for lounging or laying on the floor.


• 4.5′ wide and 6.25′ tall
• 35 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
• Designed to seat 2 adults
• Changeable, washable Covers available in many fabrics
• Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/6th its original volume

This is the perfect size for most people.  Large enough for two average adults to sit together, but small enough to keep them cozy.  This is the ideal LoveSac for watching movies with your special someone.


• 5’ wide and 3.5′ tall
• 45 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
• Designed to seat 2 adults
• Changeable, washable Covers available in many fabrics
• Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/6th its original volume

The SuperSac is big enough to hold three adults or multiple children.  It sits close to the floor and is just right for playing games or watching sports.


• 6’ wide and 4’ tall
• 75 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
• Designed to seat 2+ adults
• Changeable, washable Covers available in many fabrics
• Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/6th its original volume

The BigOne
This is the largest LoveSac on the market.  Like the SuperSac it can hold about three adults, but there is more cushion in the BigOne to give it a wider variety of uses. The BigOne is the ultimate LoveSac for Sac enthusiasts.


• 8’ wide and 4’ tall
• 95 lbs, filled with shredded Durafoam
• Designed to seat 3+ adults
• Changeable, washable Covers available in many fabrics
• Patented packaging process, shrunken to 1/6th its original volume

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  1. icantwait to get a lovesac… can you sleep in them? coz i want one so bad so i can

  2. If you are going to sleep in your lovesac then you should go with one of the larger models. I would recommend a supersac or bigone. The moviesac is good for naps, but probably not for overnight.

  3. Im about 6 to 6’1 average build and im just gonna be using the love sac to play games on my off days. What size should i get to sit confortably and not feel like im gonna fall off of it?

  4. Love Sac says:

    Josh – I would get the MovieSac.

  5. Im moving into my first apartment.. its just me moving in but i will have friends over and the b/f when he is in town i am basically going to be using it to watch movies, and study but i definately want to have a fair amount of love sac what do you think the movie sac or the super sac

  6. Love Sac says:

    Amanda – it is definitely worth the extra $ for a super sac. It gives you so more room for to share your lovesac when friends come over. It is also more comfortable to nap in!

  7. How does the pillow sac compare to the origional sacs

  8. Love Sac says:

    The pillow sac is more like a giant pillow instead of a bean bag, The material inside is still durafoam, but it is more flat than round and coushy. Think of it as a giant throw pillow that never loses its fluff.

  9. I want a lovesac and want to sleep in it and want to jump and do flips and stuff i dont care about the space so should I get the supersac or the bigone?

  10. Love Sac says:

    Hey Nate – I have a SuperSac and it it just right for everything you mentioned.

  11. Im 6’4 average build and want a love sac just to relax and play video games. What sac would be suitable for my size? thanks

  12. Simon – With your size I would get no less than a MovieSac. If you plan to have more than one person in your Sac at any time you’ll need a SuperSac.

  13. In reply, thanks 😀 I got a MovieSac yesterday and I love it! It fits me which is good and its super comfy, Thanks again 😀

  14. Hi there, we have two Little Luv sacs and are wondering what size they compare to as we want new covers. Thanks!

  15. Mandi,
    Hard to tell what model you have by your description. I’m guessing you have GamerSacs or KidSacs? See below for their dimensions…

    3’ wide
    About 20 lbs.

    2 ½’ wide
    About 12 lbs.

    Hope this helps!

  16. Renee Coppock says:

    I would like to know where the closest location is from Des Moines, Iowa….The store at the Jordan Creek Mall is closed..correct?

  17. Love Sac says:

    The Jordan Creek Lovesac has moved to Omaha, Nebraska. Westroads Mall at 10000 California Street

  18. I am 5’6” and was wondering which lovesac would be most comfy for a very limited space. About 5 feet wide and not much length. Thanks!

  19. Love Sac says:

    Jordan – I would say the moviesac is your best bet. It is 5 feet in diameter.

  20. Jennifer says:

    I have the same question as Mandi, but I don’t think you understood it, the actual label says “Little Lovesac,” I would also like to know what size it is in comparison to the newer ones. It seems bigger than the kid one you have in the picture, but I haven’t seen it in person.

  21. Jennifer says:

    IT is way more than 12 lbs, and I am betting more than 20.

  22. Love Sac says:

    Honestly I am stumped on this one. My guess is you have a model previous to the current KidSac. Back in 2008 the KidSac was 20″ in diameter and weighed 20 pounds. The current model in production is 17″ in diameter and weighs 12 pounds.

    I’d guess the new covers will fit despite the 3″ difference in diameter, especially since the durafoam can be squished down. However you might want to call customer support before you order @ 1-800-613-3839

  23. Hi, my wife and I would like to buy the Big One to use as our bed… what do you think?

  24. Hi Luis,
    The BigOne is certainly large enough for two people to sleep on, but I don’t think I would like it for an everyday bed. All sacs are “snuggly” so when you toss and turn it can be distracting for your partner. If it were just you it would be a different story.
    Hope this helps!

  25. Hi! I am thinking about getting a Lovesac and was planning on using it as an everyday bed. I was wondering if the pillowsac would be a good choice for a single person everyday bed? I like how the pillowsac is flatter and more rectangular than the other sacs, but did not know if it were long enough and suggested for use of a bed. Thanks!

  26. I have what i believe is an oversized love sac. What storage kit should i buy to transport it. I thought it was a supersac but cover says “oversized”

  27. I have the Little Lovesac and I would like to know what size cover to get for it since that specific sac is not made anymore. Thanks

  28. Hi. So I’m 6′ 2″ and looking for a sac that I can use as an everyday bed and relax in but I’m not sure what size I should get?

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  30. Pete Clapp says:

    I bought a love sac 15 yrs ago and brought back to the UK as compressed foam, do you still sell a sac called the little one, or do you still supply the foam for that size?

  31. I would love to give this gift to my mom. She has been in and out of treatments with Lymphoma and been still a great help to me with my son. He would love to snggule on the couch with his Nanna and this great blanket watching Toy Story!

  32. I have an 8 yr old almost 4 ft tall. I found a kid sac in a online yatdsale. Is it too small for my daughter?

  33. Im about 6-0 and i want a sac to sleep on with my wife who is 5-7 is the big one to much or just right ??

  34. Sally Crozer says:

    Where can you buy these – I am in Scotland, UK

  35. Can some one help me determin how much my lovesav goes for?? You see I have the. Light brown mine lovesac2 . Basac . Zipable cover included wich is light brown . When u unzip it it has all kinds of logos such as NASCAR looking logo that says lovesac and other things .can u please tell me how much my lovesac goes for ?

  36. Hello i am 13 and was wondering what love sac would be right for me the super sac or movie sac i’m 156cm tall and have 250cm of space to put it in what sac would be right for me.

  37. I’m looking at the lovesacs and what’s the big difference between a pillow and movie sac? I’m just looking for a sac to put at the end of my bed to watch tv. At no time will there be more than 2 people.

  38. Nur Adilah says:

    Do you deliver to Brunei Darrussalam on the ile of Borneo?

  39. Hello,
    Most of these posts are old but I have 3 Littlelovesacs. Measure almost 40″ across and 120″ in diameter (Measuring all the way around with a measuring tape) Can you please tell me what size cover I would purchase?

  40. Larry Morales says:

    I had a supersac in my old apartment but because of the configuration of my new apartment the luvsac just takes too much space up is it possible to split it into two smaller luvsacs? Maybe if I got more foam filling?

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