LoveSac Shines on Design Star

I guess we can consider this a “lost blog post” since it had been sitting in the drafts file for about two years. In case you missed it back in 2008, LoveSac was featured on a Design Star challenge and the results were pretty cool.

Basically each designer was given a white cubicle, $500 in supplies from Michael’s, a couple gallons of paint, and a set of LoveSac Sactionals pieces. From there they were asked to design their space with elements representative of a certain country. Each contestant had a different country to represent.

Here are some pictures of the final results…

This was a great episode to watch if you are a LoveSac fan. Not only does it display the unique versatility of Sactionals, but it will also spark some design ideas you can implement in your own home.

Check out the full episode by clicking play below…

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