LoveSac Movie Lounger Review

If you are looking for a sleek upgrade to your couch but don’t have room for a full size Sactional, the LoveSac Movie Lounger is a great alternative. Best of all, it still has the same flexible features that make Sactionals so cool.

To begin with, this is THE perfect couch for couples who enjoy spending time together watching television or movies. When you have all four base pieces together it gives you room to stretch out your legs while still sitting comfortably against the back. The surface area in this configuration is the same size as a queen bed, so it can easily accommodate two people lying down.

Expecting friends? All you have to do is detach the front bases to serve as two more seats. This works great for card games and viewing parties when you need flexibility with your seating arrangements. And if your guests want to spend the night you can quickly put the bases back together to create a queen size sleeping arrangement. LoveSac also sells down mattress toppers you can throw over your Movie Lounger to give it a pillowy soft surface.

Another great feature of the Movie Lounger is the fact you can expand it later if needed. All LoveSac Sactionals use the same infrastructure, consisting of bases and sides. The Movie Lounger comes with 4 bases (2 for your rear and 2 for your legs) and 4 sides (2 for the back and 2 for the arm rests). If you wanted to convert to a standard size couch you would simply add another side piece (3 across in the back). This would leave you with an additional base that could be used to create a chaise seat on one of the ends.

As with all LoveSacs and Sactionals, the Movie Lounger package comes with your choice of a cover. The picture above shows the Chocolate Rhinoplush Cover, which has a velvet feel and includes additional padding sewn in. The result is soft surface that is not too deep and yet feels like a blanket. The nice thing about the cover system is they can removed and washed if needed. And of course you can purchase new colors down the road if your decor changes.

Look for Sactional Movie Lounger Packages for a great addition to your family room or refinished basement. You get all of the comfort you expect from LoveSac in a compact size (70″ x 70″) that is suitable for smaller spaces like an apartment. When you factor in all of the expansion options you can feel good knowing this is a piece of furniture that will grow with your changing needs.

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  1. I love this movie lounger~ ! My son is always having teens over and I just throw them all in the basement. they can set it up however they want and if they stay they are out of my hair and comfortable. It is also great than when the relatives descend for christmas, that it is easy to move upstairs if needed!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Sweet! These are a unique way to furnish a home theater room.

  3. This looks neat and comfy! And thanks for the heads up on the coupons!

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