LoveSac Launches Exclusive Courtney Cachet Line

For the first time in their history, LoveSac has teamed up with an outside designer, Courtney Cachet, to create the most luxurious line of furniture covers and accessories ever offered. Cachet is an interior designer, TV personality, and blogger from New York City who is known for her eye-catching designs at budget friendly prices.

The three fabrics on the Cachet line for LoveSac are of premium quality yet they are still machine washable and very flexible. They are designed to be mixed and matched with each other to create a striking and sophisticated look, while still offering LoveSac comfort and changeability.

The velvet fabrics (gold damask and blue dot) are quite inspiring. Known as “cut velvet”, this fabric is relatively new in furniture design, and it has taken years of research to perfect it for everyday use. It looks a bit like the patterned chenille used so much in upholstery, but it has sharper, crisper lines and an extraordinary hand-feel. The Cachet grey fabric actually uses a true chenille that has been padded, backed and quilted. LoveSac is one of the first companies to use this process, and the result is a soft, beautiful fabric this is also tough enough to stand up against daily use.

This entire line is being launched as a limited edition and thus will only be available for a few months. Shawny D, the owner of LoveSac, says “We have never invested so much time, effort or money into any single line of products before”. That is saying a lot since his LoveSac chairs offer a 2x Lifetime guarantee.

Courtney Cachet has two kids of her own, so she knew the perils of trying to design elegant furniture that can withstand some family hazards.  So the Cahet line was designed to “endure not only time, but the occasional apple juice spill or sandwich shoved in the cracks”.  These special edition Sactionals and changeable LoveSac covers are a great way to turn your family room into a showcase of modern design without going broke or being stuck with outdated furniture.

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