2018 LoveSac Coupons and Sales

One of the best reasons to buy your LoveSac online is that you can save money with internet coupons and exclusive package deals. This page features updated listings of special discounts for LoveSac.com

Coupon Codes:
Love Sac has replaced promo codes with a new sales pricing model. This means you won’t find any valid codes posted on any coupon sites. All discounts are clearly posted on the website. Don’t forget to check out the clearance section 😉

2018 February Featured Deals…
Now through midnight PST 2/28/118

Save up to 30% on LoveSacs with the “Free Sac cover with insert purchase.” While not a straight discount, this deal will save you hundreds by subtracting the cost of the cover.

Up to 30% off Sactionals. This is a tiered offer with larger discounts on the bigger models.
– Save 15% on Sactionals with 1 or more Sactionals Seats and Sides.
– Save 20% on Sactionals with 10 or more Sactionals Seats and Sides.
– Save 25% on Sactionals with 15 or more Sactionals Seats and Sides.
– Save 30% on Sactionals with 20 or more Sactionals Seats and Sides.

Special deals on Sacs and accessories in the clearance section:
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Lovesac.com Offers Free Shipping Every Day On All Products – Including Sofa Sactionals!!!

Enjoy Your Sac!

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