LoveSac Black Friday Deals for 2012

Here is the sale you have have all been waiting for! The LoveSac Black Friday sale is officially live! Once again they are featuring 50% off all “Sac Packages” which includes everything from SuperSacs to PillowSacs. Here is my annual guide to capitalizing on this once-a-year sale.

2013 UPDATE >>> View the 2013 Black Friday Sale Here

Update 11-23-12 9:45pm EST: Most package offers are still available, but I noticed 2 that have sold out… Mudbath Microterry Pillowsac Package and Raincloud Microterry Supersac Package

Update 11-23-12 10:4oam EST: The countdown timer is appearing on several of the deals I’ve listed below. That means quantities are getting low on some items…like less than 10! Just keep that in mind if you search for some of the Sac Packages I have highlighted.

The first thing to point out is that every package is discounted and the prices below are for Orders Only. That means whatever is available online right now may not be there tomorrow. So if you see a particular color or fabric that you like then jump on it while you can!

Head Straight for the SuperSacs
SuperSacs are the most popular size as they fit two adults or a handful of children. The best SuperSac package price you’ll find during other times of the year is $700+. But during this event there are several available at $549 and one (the Velvet Cognac) at $499! Personally, I like the special football microterry sac (pictured below) just because it is so unique. <<<SOLD OUT!

Choose Versatility with PillowSacs
If you are shopping for a bedroom or dorm piece then you definitely want to consider a PillowSac. Stuffed inside is the same Durafoam material that makes LoveSacs so comfortable, the only difference being the rectangular shape. You can lay it flat on the floor to use as a bed, prop it against the wall as a seat, or put it on the rocker frame for to create a comfy love seat. At$499 during the Black Friday Sale, these PillowSac packages are a steal! They make a great and FUNctional gift for college students.

In addition to the packages above, you’ll also find similar (but not nearly as great) bargains on the other LoveSac sizes. The way it looks right now though, the biggest discounts to be found are in SuperSacs and PillowSacs.

All Coupons and Sales Updated Here

PS – If you’re looking for the Sactional (sofa) discounts you’ll have to wait until Cyber Monday. I will post the details here as soon as they go live!


  1. Any idea when the Cyber Monday details will be available?

  2. Any idea when the Cyber Monday deals might begin?

  3. The earliest I think you’ll see them is Sunday night. The Black Friday listings went live around 10pm EST on Tuesday, so I would check-in around that time on Sunday.

    The BF sale has run through Sunday the last 2 years. This year the discounts are not as good IMHO, so I assume everything will run at least that long.

    I will post updates as I get them!

    – Geoff

  4. Saw several sectional sets go on sale for Cyber Monday, but wondering if there will be a general % off type sale for all sectional sets or if this will be the extent of CM sales this year. Any clue?


  5. Hi Dustin,
    The straight $1000 off is the best deal for CM this year. This is about the same as last year except they deactivated all additional coupons – so the the price you see is the lowest you’ll find.

  6. Thanks again for the info! I picked a sectional up today. Can’t wait to get this set up!

  7. Congrats Dustin – Enjoy!

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