LoveSac Big One Review – Can you handle it?

If you have ever wanted to buy your own island, the LoveSac BigOne might be just the thing to tide you until you win the lottery. The hierarchy of rec room furniture goes something like this: recliner, love seat, sofa, sectional, and at the the very top is the Big One.

At 8 feet in diameter and weighing over 90 lbs, this LoveSac could easily be confused with a science experiment gone array. It can comfortably seat 3 adults and possibly dozens of children, making it the center of entertainment comfort for any room.

As with all LoveSacs, the amazingly durable KhakiSac insert holds all of the shredded Durafoam (padding). When we say durable, we mean you can jump on it, flip on it, and throw it around the room with no worries about splitting the fabric. In fact, all Sacs are guaranteed for two lifetimes not to go flat, break or leak. After all, it wouldn’t be much fun to own an island if you couldn’t play on it, right?

Now the key the biggest decision you’ll need to make with the BigOne is what color/style cover to choose. You’ll find dark, earthy tones with names like Blackbear Phur, Chocolate Rhinoplush (soft velvet), Seawater Rhinoplush, and Moss MicroSuede. Each of these options are soft to the skin, while providing a pillow-like comfort when seated. And since the cover are machine washable and stain resistant, you won’t need to be so uptight when you friends sit down with their favorite beverage!

So the only question left is, can you handle the BigOne? If you live in an apartment then finding an 8 foot parking space in your living area is not going to be easy. But for those of you with finished basements and/or recreation rooms, this is the ultimate movie-watching, game-playing seating experience you’ll ever have.

At the time of writing this, is having a Clearance Sale on several BigOne packages. But even if you miss out on this promotion you can usually find one or two packages in the featured Sac packages for a considerable discount.

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  1. jodi101010 says:

    this one would be way to big for my small space, but I would love to have one someday!

  2. Kim Rawks says:

    I’d love to have one of these. Hey! Do you accept trade-ins? LOL. I’d like to trade up!

  3. Can I handle the big one? I think I’d do just fine with it. 😉 I think I’ll order one.

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