What’s a LoveSac?

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For Newbies: What the Heck is a LoveSac?


LoveSac is the hottest furniture fashion to hit the family room since the futon.  Whether you are watching your favorite movie or just hanging out, your LoveSac is the perfect chair for relaxing in style.

More than just a bean bag, LoveSacs are double-stitched polyester bags filled with shredded Durafoam that never leak, break, or go flat.  The result is a soft and supportive feel that is unlike anything else out there.

Being the proud owner of a LoveSac entitles you to much more than just superior comfort.  With a variety of different Sac covers available, you can customize yours to match your style and personality.  Not only are Love Sacs a fun addition to any room, but they also tend to be a great conversation piece for your guests.

LoveSac Facts and Specifications
* Available in seven different sizes ranging from 2.5’ to 8’ in diameter and 20 to 100 lbs in total weight.

* Sacs are shrunk to 1/16 their full size and shipped in a compact duffle bag.  They expand to their full size about 2 hours after opening.

* Covers are soft, durable, stain-resistant and machine washable.

* Every LoveSac carries a 2-lifetimes warranty. Covers carry 3-year warranty.