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LoveSac FAQ Tutorials
Tutorials and FAQ

Wondering which Sac is right for you? Need advice on care and maintenance? Browse through the Sac FAQ’s section to find tips on assembling, fluffing, and cleaning your LoveSac. This section covers questions for both shoppers and sac owners.


The latest coupon codes and sales for lovesac.comLoveSac Coupons and Sales
Shop the Sac deals online at my coupon and sales page, which is updated regularly with the best discounts available. Shop online to get free shipping for 2013 and the convenience of not having to carry a 75lb Sac around the mall!


Pictures and videos of sac fun in action.The Fun Files
The number one reason to buy a LoveSac is because they are fun! And unlike cheap bean bags, they are actually tough enough to take a beating without tearing or exploding. You’ll see here in the fun section that the strength and durability of this furniture has been already been put to the test by both man and beast!



What the heck is a LoveSac anyway? If you’re new here and thinking about buying a sac then you’ll want to check out the product overviews posted below.

Lovesac supersac reviewSuperSacs
The original model is still the #1 selling sac. This is the size that own in Chocolate Rhinoplush. It can seat two average adults comfortably or three kids, two pets, and any similar sized combinations!



Lovesac pillowsac reviewsPillowSacs
These are very similar to futons in that they are extremely flexible and can serve as a guest bed if needed. PillowSacs are great for dorm rooms and bedrooms. They are also very affordable yet still offer the same quality materials and lifetime guarantee of traditional sacs.



Lovesac sactionals reviews.Sactionals
This is LoveSac’s version of the sofa sectional but it can do much more than your average couch. All of the bases and sides are modular, which means you can configure the layout of your sactional in dozens of different ways!



Lovesac metro 5 series sactionals.Metro Sactionals
Similar to the full size version listed above except with slightly smaller dimensions. The Metro line is perfect for small apartments and basements where a traditional sofa would not fit. The modular component comes in handy here because you can always add additional units when you graduate to a larger space.
Other LoveSac reviews: MoveLounger and The BigOne



Sacs 101
While a Love Sac may appear to be nothing more than a bean bag from the outside, it is the quality craftsmanship and superior material that separate it from the competition.  Each Sac is filled with shredded Durafoam that conforms to your body’s unique shape, giving you unparalleled comfort.

Unlike old-school bean bags filled with Styrofoam, LoveSacs are guaranteed to never leak or lose their elasticity.  The double stitched polyester bag features double zippers with locking zipper pulls, and is reinforced with bar-tacking construction at seam joints.

How they ship, unpack and expand.

You can customize your own LoveSac with one of the many changeable, washable covers available in many fabrics.  Match your Sac to the color scheme of your room or choose a cover that stands out from the crowd.

Your purchase includes the main Sac Insert filled with Durafoam, black nylon duffel bag with free keychain, fluffing instructions, product info sheet with warranties. Your Love Sac will be shipped pre-shrunk to 1/16 of its original size.

After opening, you can begin the process of fluffing.  This is achieved by breaking apart the Durafoam through crunching and tossing your Love Sac about.  After fluffing it must be zipped into its removable Cover.   The complete assembly takes the average consumer less than 10 minutes. Full recovery from its shrunken state takes about 1 – 15 days.

Your LoveSac is not only the most comfortable chair in the house, but it is also a unique fashion statement for any room.  Your guests will love lounging in your Sac and it is sure to be a great conversation piece.