Introducing the LoveSac Moon Pit

LoveSac has never been afraid to think big. The same company that blew up the bean bag and replaced one-piece sofas with modular furniture is back at it again – adding what some would consider “a small island” to their growing line of sactional couches.Attention ladies and gentlemen, home theater addicts, and those privileged enough to have 80 square feet of open floor space in their home!  I present to you the Moon Pit…

LoveSac Moon PitAt 11.6 feet wide and 6.8 feet deep, this over-sized sectional seats 8+ adults and can be configured in dozens of different formats. In short, it IS the movie theater – all you need to add is the screen and the popcorn!

The Moon Pit follows the same modular construction of other LoveSac Sactionals. Each unit is built to your specifications using a combination of sides (walls) and bases (cushions).  The picture was created using 8 bases and 10 sides, and it is similar to having a Movie Lounger with 1 Sactional Couch on either side. That makes the Moon Pit equivalent to 3 large furniture pieces combined into one behemoth seating center.

Lovesac Moon Pit Seating

The diagram above shows the specs for the larger 6 Series model. There is also a 5 Series version available that offers the same shape and configuration options, but measures slightly smaller at 10.3 feet wide and 6 feet deep. The square footage footprint of a 5 Series Moon Pit is 62 feet, compared to 80 feet for the 6 Series.

Prices for the Moon Pit vary based on what fabric you choose for your covers. The standard tier includes different variations of Rhinoplush and Tweed covers for $6,500. Choose one of the custom fabrics like the Dolphin Solid Polylinen Covers or Soho Weave Floral Cherry and the price jumps to about $9,000. The 5 Series models start at $5,000.

No doubt the price makes these unique sactionals more of an investment than a spontaneous purchase. But with free shipping, washable covers and a lifetime guarantee, there are plenty of good reason to feed your home theater fantasies.

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