6 Great Products You Never Knew LoveSac Made

LoveSac is of course famous for their… LoveSacs (duh)! But did you know the company makes all kinds of comfy stuff for your home or apartment? Here are 6 fun products to consider for your LoveSac collection.

Outdoor Furniture
That’s right – you can now enjoy the comfort of LoveSac furniture on your patio! Launched in the Spring of 2012, the Outdoor Sactionals Sofa features water-resistant cushions, machine washable covers, and a durable resin wicker exterior. A great piece for adding style to your next pool party!


Kids Chairs
Everyone needs to have their own special seat in the house, and LoveSac has created the perfect sized throne for little people. Kids love it because it’s comfy and light enough for them to drag around the house. Parents love it because it requires no assembly and actually adds an element of decor to any room.


If you like the feel of the famous phur covers for LoveSacs (who doesn’t?) then try on a pair of these phur slippers. They might very well be the softest, most comfortable slippers in the world. Treat your mom to a pair and she’ll never complain about doing housework again!


Footsac Blankets
Why did LoveSac name their new blankets after your feet? The secret is a snugly pocket at the bottom that keeps your toes cozy on chilly nights. This is another product made with a phur outer lining that feels just as soft as it looks. And don’t worry, this blanket is 100% washable if you happen to spill your ice cream on it!


Nooder & Spade
Every company needs a mascot but you won’t find many named after veterinarian birth control procedures. What is really neat about Nooder and Spade is that you’ll find a 34″ x 56″ blanket stuffed inside them. So not only will your new best friend cheer you up on rainy days, but he’ll also keep you warm at night.


If only I had a nickel for every t-shirt website out there (sigh). If you want to find a t-shirt no one else has then check out the LoveSac line of creative tees. These American Apparel Standard tees are available in 8 different designs/colors. All you’ll need is a witty answer every time someone asks “what does LoveSac mean?”


That’s the end of this list of unique LoveSac products, but there are sure to be future editions as the company grows. With a name like LoveSac, and its’ endless misspellings, the potential for fun ideas is infinite. What would like to see in their next product line?

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