New Fox Phur Reversible Covers

LoveSac recently announced their winter product line, which includes their first ever reversible cover and perhaps the wildest Sac creation ever – the Timber Fox Long Phur!

These Reversible Fox Phur covers (picture below) are available in the Supersac and Moviesac package offers. As of this posting, I only see the Supersac size for purchase as a standalone cover.

On one side you have a brown Microleather surface that has a brushed leather feel. Beyond looking and feeling like leather, this unique fabric is designed to breathe so that the stuffing inside keeps that fluffy feel. The reverse side features the all new Fox Phur polyester fabric, which has the same soft and luxurious feel that you would expect from real fur.

You’ll also find the Reversible Fox Phur/Leather combination available as Movie Lounger Sactional. These extended love seats are just the right size for an apartment living room. They measure 62″ wide x 62″ deep when set in the traditional format, but you can arrange the cushions and bases to create 9 different seating formations. This of course comes in handy when you have guests coming over.

Also new for the winter of 2012 & 2013 is the Timber Fox Long Phur SuperSac and CitySac Packages (see above). I have to say, this is the most eclectic pattern I have ever seen. It reminds me of the old shag carpeting from the 1970’s and it is sure to command the attention of anyone who walks into your room. The LoveSac website refers to it as Wookie Fur, and says it goes well with other suede or leather furniture pieces. I can’t wait to see the Timber Fox in person and feel it for my self!

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  1. “their first ever reversible cover” is incorrect. They’ve made reversible covers in the past. Camo/orange comes to mind.

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