Finding Love Sac Covers

Love Sac CoversOne of the fun features of your Love Sac is the ability to change covers to suit your tastes.  This is great if you want to redecorate your room or just bring a new look to your favorite piece of furniture.

There are three different fabric textures for covers.  The first is the traditional twill, which is comparable to a common couch material.  The second option is a soft microsuede that offers a velvety feel and leather-like look.  Finally, there is the Eskimo phur covers.  Think of Eskimo phur as your favorite blanket.  It is a soft shag-like material that is extremely comfortable and relaxing to sit in.

There are hundreds of color combinations for Love Sac covers.  For those who want a more original look, there are custom covers available that are made by hand at the Love Sac factory.  These can take up to three weeks to receive and cost more than the stock varieties. 3 new covers expected for 2010 are Herring Suede, Rhinoplush, and Phur.

Every Love Sac cover comes with its own matching pouch for storage (except PillowSacs).  Most covers are machine washable, but they should be air dried – do not use a mechanical clothes dryer.  Each cover comes with a 90 day warranty that can be extended to 3 lifetimes by simply registering the product after purchase.

Love sac covers are a great way to customize your sac and express your individuality.  It is always nice to have a spare on hand in case a spill occurs or if you simply get bored with the current look of your room.

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  1. Hello! You have a offer for LoveSac Covers for only $10. Where can I get one? I have a BigOne lovesac with no cover. I can’t spend the $499.00 they are asking online. Where can I get a cover for a reasonable cost?

  2. I am looking for last season covers cheap covers for my love sac ivehad it for years now and it is now naked and in bad need of a cover I would like something other than micro suade have three kids you knoww anyone help please thanks

  3. Jonquil says:

    where could I find cheap covers for the Big One?

  4. Love Sac says:

    Jonquil – Try searching ebay. You can find lots of LoveSac deals there:)

  5. Tiara Lynn says:

    I ordered a cover for my BigOne from, and it’s awesome. I just wish they had another option for covers for our Sactionals!! I adore LoveSac (all the upholstery in our house is LoveSac), but the prices for the covers are absurd.

  6. Julie Lumley says:

    I am so fed up with the Lovesac company. All I want is eskimo phur covers for the sactional sofa I bought my daughter for Christmas. They are simply not available and they can’t even tell me when they will be. I NEVER would have bought the sofa if I’d known I couldn’t get the covers.
    Plus, they won’t respond to my calls and emails.
    Pitiful company-beware!

  7. I’ve recently bought a SuperSac but none of the covers that I really liked were in stock and the salesman at the store said the ones I wanted weren’t likely to *be* in stock any time soon or had all been discontinued. Is it possible to put a SuperSac into a king or queen sized duvet cover or will I have to have one custom made?

  8. Try shopping for covers online at LoveSac

    Even if the duvet covers fit, they almost certainly won’t be strong enough to handle the weight of a SuperSac.

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