Fake LoveSacs: The Real Cost of Imitatators

You don’t have to search very far to find imitation bean bag chairs that resemble the original LoveSac design. Anytime you have a hot selling product there is bound to be a circle of competitors that form looking to steal a piece of the market.

There are several things that make LoveSacs truly unique in the bean bag furniture category, but the two most important things are quality and durability. Yes, you will have to pay a little more to inherit these benefits, so if you only plan to use your chair for a short time then perhaps it makes sense to save a few bucks with a fake model. Just remember though, if you want premium fabric that is stain resistant and washable on a product that was designed to withstand rough play, then there is only one choice. Just look for the company that stands behind their own products with a lifetime guarantee!

Not all Love Sac competitors provide quality and service.

I bring all this up because I was browsing through Amazon recently and took a peak at some of the fake sacs they had listed. There were those that received great reviews but there were also several that failed to impress their customers. I’m not here to bad-mouth anyone specifically so I’m not going to post brand names, but take a look at some of these complaints I found…

– My (name deleted) bag is falling apart in less than a year. To make matters worse, this bag was only used about 25 times. (name deleted) best offer to remedy the problem is 15% off next item. Dom was nice in trying to help, but clearly they do not put any guarantee behind their products. After sending pictures of both blown threaded seams and a manufacturing defect (zipper not attached under Velcro), they still refused to replace the item. Save yourself some headache of vacuuming up tons of tiny foam beads every time you sit in the bag, and spend your money elsewhere.

– Don’t fall for the misleading image of the girl on the bag. This thing is TINY! Pretty upset that I didn’t read the reviews. Be warned! Not large enough for anyone over the age of 4.

– I ordered a 7 foot (84″) bean bag just a few days before ordering this via the warehouse deals section of amazon. My 7 foot bag is ridiculously huge 3 people can be on it comfortably. so when i saw a 110″ bag i thought sweet even bigger… nope these guys apparently use a different scale because the bag was child size at best. (smaller than most wallmart ones) The bag was less than half full. overall not worth the money not even close.

– I got this for my daughter for Christmas. After the first day it started ripping at the seams. Very disappointed.

The bottom line is you always want to know what you’re getting and how reputable a company is before spending your money. It doesn’t make sense to save a hundred dollars on a competitor’s product if only lasts for a fraction of the time you would’ve gotten out of the real thing!

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  1. I don’t know why you are saying that the Lovesac costs “a little” more.

    The knockoffs are 200 dollars give or take.

    The Lovesac is ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED dollars. That is not a little more. That is insanely expensive. My couch cost less than that.

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