Do LoveSacs Pop, Break or Otherwise Explode When You Jump on Them?

I know this is a pretty silly question, especially if you are the proud owner of a LoveSac, but it is something that should be addressed for newbies. Let me save the suspense by leading off with the answer. NO, your LoveSac will not leak out a million tiny beads of foam all over your floor!

The reason this came up was because I read a comment where a girl asked “Does jumping on a lovesac ruin them?” This is a fair question if your aren’t familiar with the product. However, it was one of the replies that surprised me. Some troll answered with full confidence “Yes, it can pop the inner cover that holds the beans.”

Beans? Are they talking about a LoveSac or a burrito?

Here is the truth about jumping, riding, or throwing your LoveSac…
The LoveSac inserts (the bag inside the cover) is filled with premium shredded DuraFoam and is GUARANTEED FOR LIFE! That means you never have to worry about it going flat…or breaking…or tearing…or spilling beans. And if that is not enough to rest your nerves, the outer covers are guaranteed for 3 years against rips, tears, melts and even spontaneous combustion (seriously).

So rejoice all you basement wrestlers and stair jumpers! You LoveSac will not pop or break when you land on it from afar. The only things that can destroy your sac are lawn mowers and ferocious dogs.


“You cannot fly like an eagle with the wings of a wren.” – William Henry Hudson

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  1. how come they spell lovesas with the E backwards? does this show it is a fake or just a different style or year?

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