What makes LoveSacs different from every other piece of furniture you ever owned? It is a combination of comfort, style and some behind-the-scenes-magic you can read about here.

Fake LoveSacs: The Real Cost of Imitatators

You don’t have to search very far to find imitation bean bag chairs that resemble the original LoveSac design. Anytime you have a hot selling product there is bound to be a circle of competitors that form looking to steal a piece of the market. [Read more…]

Luxury Graduation Gifts They’ll Love

Want to give your new grad something more than the standard envelope of cash? If expensive is well within your budget then you might consider outfitting their apartment with modern furniture from LoveSac. [Read more…]

6 Great Products You Never Knew LoveSac Made

LoveSac is of course famous for their… LoveSacs (duh)! But did you know the company makes all kinds of comfy stuff for your home or apartment? Here are 6 fun products to consider for your LoveSac collection. [Read more…]

The LoveSac Story

Ever wonder where the LoveSac idea originated? The story of how founder Shawny D. took a wild idea and turned it successful business is pretty interesting. Check out this video of the LoveSac story as told by the man himself: [Read more…]

2 New Ways to Buy Your LoveSac

Once you’ve decided to buy a LoveSac there are two important decisions you must make before placing your order. With six available sizes and dozens of fabric combinations the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your sac. [Read more…]

LoveSacs and Dorm Life = Total Bliss

College students across the nation are getting ready for the upcoming school year. But before you waste spend hundreds of dollars on textbooks you need to start thinking of ways to pimp out that drab dorm room. After all, if you want to attract guests then you at least need somewhere for them to sit. [Read more…]

Other LoveSac Brand Furniture

LoveSac has really evolved their furniture line in the past few years. While they started with only the bean bag chairwe are all familiar with, they now have a complete selection of furniture for any family room. All of these designs still feature the comfort and flexibility that you would expect from LoveSac, but with a more classic appeal.

Here are a few of their hottest products…
LoveSac Sactionals Simple Sofa
The Simple Sofa is an incredible addition to any home or office. This versatile and comfortable piece of modular furniture can be used as is, or it can be split into two separate seating areas. No matter how you wish to set up your Simple Sofa, you can rest assured that you will be comfortable sitting in LoveSac’s quality crafted modular furniture. If you like this piece of modular furniture, you should check out the rest of our family room furniture, including the love seat and the full sofa. Because you’ve never really been comfortable until you’ve rocked out on LoveSac furniture at the end of a long day.

LoveSac Sactionals Deep Sofa Love Seat
The Love Seat from LoveSac® is not your ordinary Love Seat. This deep sofa is incredibly comfortable and can even transform into 2 corner chairs if you so desire. LoveSac is able to make their sofas soft because of the material used in the back cushions and seat cushions. This is what gives the Love Seat an unrivaled comfort level, the Love Seat has become one of the most popular pieces of furniture sold at LoveSac.

LoveSac Sactionals Movie Lounger
Are you in the process or setting up your media room and you realize that you have no cool pieces of furniture to complete your home theater room. Well, lucky for you that you stumbled on to the coolest piece of home theater sectional furniture ever created. The Movie Lounger is a complete Home Theater Sectional designed to make movie watching adventures a true experience. Adding the Movie Lounger to your media room will make all of your other furniture jealous. Once you lay down on the home theater sectional you will see that there truly has never been a more amazing piece of home theater furniture ever created. For more great media room furniture, check out our Home Theater Movie Bean Bag.

LoveSac Sactionals Four Cushion Sectional
LoveSac’s Sactionals are the most comfortable sectional sofas that you will find online or in a store. Versatile and rugged, LoveSac’s 4 cushion sectional living room set will stand up to the test of time. Another incredible feature offered by LoveSac® is that you can switch out your Sactionals® covers whenever you feel like changing the look of your sectional sofa.

The 4 cushion sectional sofa is a great choice for people who don’t want an enormous sectional sofa taking up the entire room. The 4 cushion Sactional can easily accommodate your 6 best friends and their drinks as well if you purchase the U-Drink with your sectional living room set.

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