Fun Stuff

From pets in LoveSacs to the most extreme Sac stunts ever performed, this is the place where you'll find the craziest LoveSac pictures and videos from around the web!

Creative Comics from LoveSac Fans

Life in the Sac is always comfortable, but it also has its funny moments as well! Here are some amateur comic strips I found on DeviantArt that capture the spirit of LoveSac owners. [Read more…]

World’s Smallest LoveSac?

Kevin posted this video on Seenive that shows off his awesome little Lovesac hacky sack. I’ve never seen one of these before so I’m guessing he made it himself? [Read more…]

Quick Transformation from Sactional to Movie Lounger

How many different furniture arrangements can you create with a sactional setup? This guy Scott posted a video showing how he turned his 8-base sactional into 2 movie loungers. [Read more…]

Jumping on the Lovesac (in slow motion)

If you enjoy watching sports replays in slo-mo then you’ll love the video this guy put together. It is a slow motion look at what happens when you jump on a sac. He actually got some pretty good air on this effort…almost made me want to scream “touchdown!” [Read more…]

Tour of the LoveSac Headquarters

Hear is a peak into the LoveSac headquarters.  The tour guide is CEO Shawn Nelson who has built LoveSac into huge furniture company from very meager beginnings.  He actually used to sell LoveSacs from the back of his van at concerts and flea markets.

What makes LoveSac Sactionals modular?

Most of us don’t shop for furniture very often, so I’m sure some of you are wondering…what is so great about a modular sactional? In short, it means the couch is composed of sections, or modules, that can be arranged in a number of different ways. [Read more…]

Sac Art: Three Perspectives from One Image

It’s picture time again on! This time I stumbled across what is likely the first ever LoveSac coloring contest. The official term is a collab, and FooRay from deviantART created the drawing below and then asked other artists to finish the design. [Read more…]