How To and FAQ

This section contains all of my LoveSac tutorials and frequently asked questions. This is the place to go if you're having a problem with your sac or wondering which product to buy.

How to Setup Your LoveSac Sactional

If you’re thinking about buying a LoveSac Sactional then you might be wondering how this “modular furniture” actually works. Well in many ways it’s not much different from playing with Legos. You have bases pieces, side pieces and back pillows. From there you can create just about anything you want. [Read more…]

LoveSacs – Questions and Answers

I get all sorts of questions from readers about the different features and uses of LoveSacs. I thought it would help to make a post with everything answered in one place. [Read more…]

What size of LoveSac should you buy?

There are many different sizes of LoveSacs to choose from.  Which size suites you depends on how much space you have in your home and what type of activities you will use your LoveSac for.

Here is the breakdown of the LoveSac models and sizes… [Read more…]

What is a LoveSac?

LoveSacs are the softest, most versatile seating option to hit modern furniture since the chair recliner.¬†They combine the luxury of high-end materials with the functionality of a bean bag – making these “Sacs” the most fun you will ever have sitting on your butt! [Read more…]

Easiest Way for Moving Your LoveSac

So you found yourself a great new place – congratulations! Of course there is still that 100 pound LoveSac staring at you back home asking “can I come too?” Thanks to the new Sac Shrink Kit, saying yes to your old friend is easier than ever. [Read more…]

LoveSac Tips for Best Results

I’ve had my Chocolate Rhinoplush SuperSac for about 3 years now, and even though they are easy to maintain, I have discovered a few tips that will help every LoveSac owner get the most out of their Sac experience. [Read more…]

Do LoveSacs Pop, Break or Otherwise Explode When You Jump on Them?

I know this is a pretty silly question, especially if you are the proud owner of a LoveSac, but it is something that should be addressed for newbies. Let me save the suspense by leading off with the answer. NO, your LoveSac will not leak out a million tiny beads of foam all over your floor! [Read more…]