Can I Wash My LoveSac?

Most LoveSac covers are designed to be machine washable (check the tags for custom covers).  It is recommended that you wash them separately in cold water on a delicate cycle.  For drying, the manufacturer recommends line drying. If this is not possible because of weather, try the delicate setting on your dryer and rotate the sac every 15 minutes to ensure a complete dry.

If you spill or stain your LoveSac insert (beneath the cloth cover), you will have to clean it by hand.  Use a spot carpet or laundry stain solution to gently treat the affected area.  Allow to air-dry completely before replacing the cover.

For pet or stain odors, try using a fabric freshener such as Febreeze.  Always test the chemical in a inconspicuous spot before treating the entire sac.  If climate allows, let your LoveSac air out in an outdoor environment for 6 to 12 hours.  This should eliminate most odor instances.

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  1. Thanks!

  2. I need more advice than to try frebreze to cover cat urine. Please help, because I can’t enjpy the comfort with such a bad smell near me.

  3. Love Sac says:

    You can wash your lovesac Mark. The important thing is that you have to let it air dry! Wait for a sunny day and let it hang outside for 5 – 8 hours.

  4. Stephanie says:

    We have the same problem-our cat has urinated on our love sac multiple times and no matter how much we wash the cover, it still smells. So, we decided to take drastic measures-I am going to was the cover several time and leave it outside to dry. Plus, we took ALL the durafoam out of the insert-yes, that was a pain and I’m going to wash it with a lot of bleach and leave it outside to dry. Hopefully, this will take care of the odor. I will report back with results 🙂

  5. Love Sac says:

    Thanks for sharing Stephanie. Also look for cat odor enzyme cleaning products. Most of the big pet stores carry them. You might be able to put your love sac cover and durafoam in trash bags with water and the cleaner. Let them soak for a couple hours and then air dry. No guarantees…but worth a shot.

  6. lee smythe says:

    so, i had a party at my house and my buddhy was so drunk that when he was sleeping he pissed him self and the love sac. what do i do to clean it, i already cleaned the cover, but what about the actual sac, and its insides??
    i really dont want to get rid of it, but unless i clean it somehow its not gonna be of use any longer.

  7. I put a bunch of soft car freshners inside to get rid of the polyurithane smell out

  8. Stephanie, how did your cleaning work? A friend gave me her lovesac and when I took off the cover to wash it I saw that the insert is filthy with old stains and smells of smoke. I’m thinking of either taking out the durafoam and washing the insert or maybe trying to put the entire thing in my kids blow up pool with mild detergent and vinager to get rid of the odors.

  9. Also wanting to hear how Stephanie got on with cleaning the foam. My dear furry son has taken a liking to peeing on my lovesac when I’m out for the night. I’ve washed the cover but like others have said, I can’t get the smell out of the foam…

    So any advice on how to best was the foam would be great. Thanks.

  10. I just came across this product online that might help those with the urine smell. There is an available upholstery applicator that could work with the durafoam.

    This is NOT an endorsement – I have never used this product! Try at your own risk.

    Please post an update if anyone has found a better solution.

  11. Has anyone tried Folex it is a instant spot remover but it removes the smell of most anything. I have only found it in San Diego, CA but I have not looked for it anywhere else.

  12. Okay, i just bought two lovesacs but they are waterstained.. but the covers don’t come off. what is the easiest way to clean them? This would be much appreciated!!!

  13. I’m confused. The article above talks about putting your freshly washed sac in the dryer. The ‘Care Instructions’ section on the following page — — states (and I quote) “DO NOT put your Cover in the dryer – line dry only”. When we bought our sac, the salesperson told us to line dry the thing, which is fine in the summer, but we got a lot of rain around here. Help!

  14. Reply to S.
    You can use your dryer on the delicate cycle to accelerate the drying process.

    “Q: How do I wash my Sac Cover?

    A: You can put your designer cover in the washing machine. Use cold water only, a mild detergent on a delicate cycle. Dry in dryer to only 80% dry then hang dry. For Sac Inserts: spot clean only. “

  15. If there are any more questions about care instructions for your sac or cover- please email our Pittsburgh Store.

  16. I had to throw my Lovesac away! We had a sewer line back up and the Lovesac absorbed a lot of the water. 🙁 No way to clean that

  17. Our cats peed on the Love Sac once while we were gone, the Oxy brand pet stain cleaner worked great. The problem is you have to find the spot, ours was invisible. ::sniff:: But once we got the spot really wet with cleaner, we blotted it dry, sprayed both parts with Fabreeze Pet Deoderizer and let it sit by an open window for a few days… Cant even tell!

    Good luck!

  18. Whats the best way to get the sactionals clean?

  19. Kelly-anne says:

    Granny’s tip: Hello all you beautiful people who have let your cats and your drunk friends on your sacs! The answer to all of your stinky problems is simple Cloudy ammonia – this can be purchased at your local supermarket for uNder $2.00 per bottle. Pore onto, massage into -affected area and let dry completely – once dry the smell will be gone – works well with baby vomit and all other body odors. This is a magic product and a lot cheaper than febreze. (also good for cleaning things) Happy stink removing!

  20. I just got a puppy, and because my other dog loves to sleep in the lovesac, this puppy has taken to peeing where my other dog sleeps (it’s a dominance thing). I’ve done the spot cleaning, but my lovesac has this very distinct Dog smell, and I don’t want that in my apartment =( I’ve thought about taking my lovesac outside and soaking it (not drenching, just enough to get the foam wet) in oxi-clean or another odor-eliminator and letting it dry for a couple days, but I wanted to see if this would be okay before I do it.

    Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!

  21. Hilary Heath says:

    Would love to know if anyone who has submitted cat urination odor problems under this blog has been successful at getting the smell out. Geez, if I had read this site beforehand and known that cats like to urinate on lovesacs I would not have bought one. My cat pee’d on the naked sac before my cover arrived so apparently it went right down into the foam. I’ve tried the not so helpful “spot clean, dry in the sun” advice from the lovesac folks and it doesn’t work at all. I’ve been using “Nature’s Miracle” from the pet store to remove the odor and that product has a great reputation but it isn’t working. Anyone have other advice?

  22. I also had the cats decide to use the love sac as a toilet when there normal option became unusable one vacation. After many years of hiding it in the spare bedroom to die, I decided to clean the foam insert. I started out by shocking our outdoor pool, then I just threw it in!! I jumped and agitated it in the water for a good 45 min. (warning: you will need a team of strong people to remove it from the pool as it will now weigh a ton) I let it air dry outside for a few days, then brought it back inside as the drying was taking way to long. I cleared out a spare room and evenly distributed the foam across the floor with a handful of fans to dry it. So far every smell is gone.

  23. *****SHANE…you are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!! *****

    So I bought a used BigOne LoveSac, it was only $200, I couldn’t resist! Then I get it home & a pee smell is coming out of it..I think the girl’s little niece went pee on it, I took the outer cover off, washed it..then saw the piss smelling stains on the inner cover. So I filled up 18 black garbage bags w/the foam & washed the inner cover too…and threw away any foam that remotely smelled…and I thought that would cure it..but I still smell pee sometimes =( IDK what to do, because there’s SOOOO much foam, its hard to manage & I can’t even imagine how to wash 18 garbage bags full of foam! I might buy new foam from the LoveSac website (10lbs of foam for $45)…but IDK how much I’m gonna need to fill up a BigOne sac…I think I’m gonna go for some enzymatic cleaners first..but for those to work, the spray has to TOUCH the odor source..which, in a sac this huge, I can’t drench ALL of the foam…so would I just be wasting my time trying it..or should I just go get a ton of new foam so the thing is basically brand new again?

  24. That’s a tough break Denise. I agree you might just want to replace all of the foam for a fresh start. The BigOne weighs about 95 pounds with the cover on, so that should give you some idea of how much foam to buy. Even if you drop a couple hundred on foam you will still have saved money compared to buying a new sac. Good luck!

  25. I have the 8 ft Love Sac and came across this site while trying to research how to clean it thoroughly. I do not only want to get the stains out but I want t o clean the foam as well. Would it be possible to just hose it down and let it air dry?

  26. Washing the foam with water is not recommended. Try febreeze or allow the foam to air dry outside.

  27. I, too have had the pleasure of sitting down in my lovely LoveSac only to realize my cat had left a smelly present for us. I have removed the outer layer and washed it twice and it perfectly comes clean but the Naked Sac is stained and the foam below it smells terribly of urine. We have sprayed Febreeze and let it dry by an open window for a few hours but it still smells a tad. We have tried unsuccessfully to open the Naked Sac to inspect the foam but it seems like someone ripped the inner zipper off and we have no interior access. This company has been around for years with great products that are keeping people comfy and happy yet the only response to help those of us with unruly pets or children is to “use Febreeze and move on.” There has got to be a better way to clean these, guys! Help us keep our LoveSac!

  28. Alright. Just had my cat leave a wet spot on my love sac. I just wanted to double check with folks here. I live in an apartment complete so I do not have a yard to spread the foam out in. But I do have a dry cleaning service provided by the complex. Would that be a good option or should I stay with the Pet Odor Febreeze or other items like that?

  29. I have had my cat pee on my love sac a couple of times. Throwing it in a pool wasn’t an option for me, and I live in an apartment so I can’t put it outside, so I came up with this solution, which works rather well for me.

    First, I spread out a giant tarp over my livingroom floor and remove the lovesac cover. I put the naked sac insert on the tarp in the middle. The tarp needs to be big enough so you can move the sac around. I wash the lovesac cover at the laundromat and let it air dry.

    As for the naked insert, I buy a gallon-sized bottle of Nature’s Miracle enzymatic cleaner especially for cats. It comes in a big red bottle and costs about $40 at PetCo. I take the bottle and poured it INTO the naked sac insert. Turn, pour, turn, pour – trying to get even coverage and allow the cleaner to completely soak the sac. I use the entire bottle on my Super Sac. Then, I start turning and stomping on the sack to massage in the cleaner. I just walk all over the sac, then turn it, walk, turn, walk, turn, walk. Once the cleaner is evenly distributed, I fluff the cleaner-soaked sack to get as much air in it as I can. Then I turn and fluff it once every few hours to let it dry.

    You don’t have to rinse enzymatic cleaner out. Enzymatic cleaner chemically interacts with the biological waste and breaks it down.

    After a few days, when the sac is completely dry, you can put the cover back on. I spray mine with “No Mark” cat pheromone spray to try to prevent them from doing it again. They’ve pretty much stopped, except for when I tried to switch them to a different brand of litter.

    Hope this helps.

    – Jesse

  30. I too have a urine problem with my supper sac. I tried soaking it in a large kids pool with pet stain carpet cleaner – Which once wet is almost impossible to move! Then left it to dry out side for several days on a trampoline. I put it back into the house and fluffed it several times a day. Now it smells like mold! What is the best way to remove the now moldy pee smell? Can I put the foam in the washer & dryer in pillow cases??

  31. Mark+Atsuko says:

    Hey, I just thought my girlfriend and I would share our experiences with a moldy sac.
    We decided to clean the sac tonight and found very small mold spots underneath! Furthermore, the sac itself felt wet. This was all under the black lining (which was put in the washer).

    First of all, to avoid this problem in the future we have decided that you ~must~ regularly fluff out your sac! In dealing with these small mold spots, we had the idea of using a mixture of tap water and bleach. All we did was fill the bottom of a bucket with water, add a splash or two of bleach, and use paper towels to -lightly- rub out the mold spots.

    After letting the liberal amounts of our bleach-water mixture to soak in, the mold… vanished! The sac suffered no discoloration and to be safe we used the paper towel trick using plain water.

    Great saccess!

  32. like the rest of the world apparently, my cat decided to take a piss on my luv sac… multiple times… overall, i’m not TOO worried about it, cuz i’ve managed to deal with it now for a while… but i’m a bit tired of sitting in it and then having my clothes, or the cover or whatever else smell like urine over time…
    … so i’m wondering. if i were to possibly just spray it down with bleach or ammonia or whatever, scrub it and let it dry… i’m sure that would at least HELP with the smell… my main question is, would it then damage the cover or blankets i put over the ‘naked sac’ after the bleach drys???

    sidenote: if you have made the ridiculous decision to LIVE with cats (like i unfortunately have) then you’ve gotta just accept the fact that buying nice fancy furniture probably isn’t the wisest decision. buy used furniture… and get used to the smell of animal urine… OR, just don’t have pets…. same rule applies to kids.


  33. Hi everybody. I found this page a few days ago when I was searching for cleaning remedies for my lovesac. Like many of you, my husband and I were dealing with cat urine and odor. We have a moviesac, and I was super frustrated when I realized that Potato (our kitten) had been using it as a secondary litter box. HOWEVER, I found a solution that I wanted to share with everybody. It’s called OUT! Oxy-fresh Pet Stain and Odor Remover (or something like that), and it’s at Walmart in the pet section. The brand name is OUT! and they have several different products, so make sure you get the “Oxy-fresh” kind written in pink on the bottle. A regular sized spray bottle cost about $3.50, and a jumbo bottle is about $10. I forget how many ounces exactly, sorry. We washed our cover in the machine on delicate cycle, and then doused our naked sac with the spray. Then I opened the sac, sprayed the foam, mixed, sprayed, mixed, etc. After a while I got tired of doing that, so I just dumped the whole bottle of Oxy-fresh into the foam, zipped it up, and fluffed the sac really well. The next morning, I turned the sac over, sprayed again, and dumped another bottle over the top, making sure it soaked into the foam. It wasn’t an exact science. Basically I just made sure everything got saturated in the spray, fluffed, and air-dried. This morning, I was surprised to find that the urine odor was not only gone, but the foam actually had that factory-fresh smell again! The new sac smell is a little strong, but much better than the cat pee. Good luck!

  34. Hi,

    You keep saying that it’s ok to wash our lovesacs but i have the super sac, and i was wondering if that would fit in my washer. Like many here i have had the same luck, and my cat peed on it several times while i was away. If it doesn’t fit where can I go wash it? You know a good idea would be that you guys would offer a service to wash our sac’s at a cost. 🙂

  35. Love Sac says:


    Try taking your cover to a laundromat to use one of their super capacity washers.

  36. David rawr says:

    I got a free moviesac on craigalist yesterday but the sac itself has sone oil on it from being on the curb, i plan on taking foam out and washing the sac. The cover is clean, Anyone have tips on removing foam? I was just gonna use my bathtub to hold it all

  37. I’ve been having issues with my dog peeing on my SuperSac. She has separation anxiety issues, and will panic if I even close the door to my room for too long. Her response to panicking is to pee on the furniture.
    I’m going to try using a couple of mesh laundry bags or pillow covers with zippers sewn into them to wash the foam in batches. My washer can hold three standard pillows at a time, so I’ll be using three bags of a similar size. This is just to try and balance out the load so my washer doesn’t shake itself to pieces during the spin cycle. I’ll also need some garbage bags to store the rest of the foam in while everything is being washed.
    I’ll report back with my results in a couple of days.

  38. I am going to try the same thing as Benny ^. I’ll be doing this tonight and tomorrow. I will report back and let you all know how it goes.

  39. update: It goes slow, but the foam is cleaning up nicely. My fiancee and I put the foam into laundry bags, it almost worked, but the fine chunks of foam sifted through and made one heck of a mess. (The laundry bag also broke open after 5-6 washes.) We stitched zippers into some pillow cases and had much better results. The pillow cases hold all the foam, and still let the soap and water penetrate and the pet stink out.
    Recommendations that I’d make:
    1. Put a safety pin through the zipper to make sure it doesn’t unzip
    2. Make sure you have something breathable to put the foam in until you get the naked sac washed. (I’m using the cover.)

    After picking up one of the nice clean pillowcases full of foam, I’d kind of like to see Lovesac make a regular pillow sized sac. Or maybe I’ll just buy a 15 lb bag, fill one myself, and put the rest into my supersac.

  40. can i wash my cousion in a washing machien

  41. My love sac smells really bad do to my 3 dogs and we want to wash it but we can not get the cover off of the love sac in order to do that. How do you suggest we get it off?

  42. I have the same problem with out cat. I can wash the cover, I can’t wash the insert. I don’t have a solution short of washing the foam inside, but would Lovesac consider making a plastic zipper cover to go over the insert and under the aesthetic cover? Kind of like allergy covers for mattresses?

  43. Brandi – A plastic/sealed liner wouldn’t work very well with a Lovesac as it needs to be able to lose volume when someone sits on it. Otherwise, it would be like sitting on one of those inflatable exercise balls filled with foam.

  44. Update: Here’s the best way to wash your Sac.

    You will need:
    – Garbage bags (I like the 13 gallon size for this)
    – two (or more) pillow cases & and an equal number of zippers
    – your preferred detergent/animal smell remover stuff
    – washer and dryer (well duh)

    1. Sew the zippers into the opening of the pillow case.

    2. Empty all the foam into the garbage bags. This WILL make a mess.

    3. Wash your newly emptied Naked Sac. (and the cover, but you should be doing that on a regular basis anyway. Remember, no one likes a dirty Sac.)

    4. Transfer the foam from the garbage bags into the pillow cases. I use 13 gallon bags because they have almost the same capacity as a pillow case, so there’s less mess when transferring.

    5. Wash the foam filled pillowcases, at least two at a time, more is OK if your washer can handle it. You need to do two cases at a time to keep the washtub balanced. It’s best to use a front loader machine because the agitator in a top loader might pull the zippers open and make a whole new mess you really, REALLY don’t want.

    6. Put the foam back in to the Naked Sac. Add a nice clean cover.

    7. Invite some friends over to enjoy your newly washed Sac! After all, everyone likes a nice clean Sac.

  45. Benny-
    Sounds like a great (though time consuming) method. I think I’ll be trying it out. I just wanted to be clear. You let the foam air dry correct?

  46. Jessica S. says:

    Ok, ok.

    So, here’s the deal. I had tried just about all of the things mentioned above with the exception of a enzymatic cleaner.
    This cat of mine peed about 6 times all over the sac in different area’s with and without the cover, so I treated the stains, washed and dryed the cover which got some of the smell out. Then, years later I removed it from storage and the smell still lingered. You could notice it when you sat on it, obviously it was all in the foam. I threw a mega box of DRYER SHEETS. into the foam, mushed it around, let it sit, in about a few days you couldn’t notice the smell. BUT I was not convinced this would work for long. Eventually the smell of the dryer sheets would fade and they wouldn’t be able to absorb anymore odors, and I would be faced with either repeating the process or trying and enzymatic cleaner. Well….

    I took out all of the foam, (supersac) and put it into a kiddie pool, bunch by bunch. I treated it with the cleaner, let it dry in the sun. I started in the morning during a heat wave and by dinner time all of the foam had been treated and was essentially dry. I did however loose a good portion of foam in the process and my sac needed a little restuffing anyways, so I bought a 10lb block of foam and added that. Between the new foam and the cleaned old foam and dryer sheets, the smell is finally gone.

    If I could do it over again. I’d save myself some time and a headache. Splurge on the foam and just replace all of it after treating the insert with some crazy concoctions! All in all I probably spent as much on different cleaners and dryer sheets and my precious time that I could have just spent on new foam!!

  47. I am trying mesh bag. Ten small mesh bags from the dollar store, and the stuffing and machine dry like normal. Takes a while to get through it all but it’ll work. You can add your special pee-be-gone solutions if you’d like. And wash the cover separately. I also put the mesh bags in the dryer on low heat or delicate. I’m lazy and this is the easiest most affective way I’ve found.

  48. We had we same pee. I found a great recipe online to just add 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to your washer in the bleach dispenser and wash as normal with soap. Worked like a charm. No need for special cleaners.

    I’m going to try the solutions mentioned above for the foam. Thanks!

    FYI, there are a lot of DIY Febreze recipes on the internet too.

  49. I have the answer for cats peeing on a LOVSAC! I cleaned the sac itself with a Oreck steamer. It had a hand held part that would put carpet cleaner down and suck it out. Then it had a rinse button that I would then rinse it and suck off the water just like cleaning the carpet. My Lovesac is better than ever and no smell of cat urine!! Its smells so fresh. Now the question is what to do with the cat 🙂 I have been keeping him in a room so at night he doesnt pee on it while im sleeping

    hope this helps! it worked so well

    Also im going to find a waterproof mattress pad that will fit the Lovesac and put it under the fashion cover.

  50. how far should i put the lovesac from the heater ? atleast 3 feet away or?
    thank you

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