Can I Wash My LoveSac?

Most LoveSac covers are designed to be machine washable (check the tags for custom covers).  It is recommended that you wash them separately in cold water on a delicate cycle.  For drying, the manufacturer recommends line drying. If this is not possible because of weather, try the delicate setting on your dryer and rotate the sac every 15 minutes to ensure a complete dry.

If you spill or stain your LoveSac insert (beneath the cloth cover), you will have to clean it by hand.  Use a spot carpet or laundry stain solution to gently treat the affected area.  Allow to air-dry completely before replacing the cover.

For pet or stain odors, try using a fabric freshener such as Febreeze.  Always test the chemical in a inconspicuous spot before treating the entire sac.  If climate allows, let your LoveSac air out in an outdoor environment for 6 to 12 hours.  This should eliminate most odor instances.

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  1. how far should i put the love sac frm the heater ty

  2. Be careful Maria – LoveSacs are as flammable as any other piece of furniture. I’d say 6 feet or more to be safe. If anything else, you don;t want to block the heat from warming the room.

  3. Thanks Captain Sac! I’m still debating between a super sac and the movie sac. I’m worried the bigger one will be too big.

  4. Hi there – one of my jerk dogs peed on our huge lovesac twice. I have removed and washed the cover, but it soaked through to the inside. Is there ANY way to clean the inside? I can’t even find a place to open it up to check. Any suggestions would be great! We’ve febreezed the heck out of it and it’s just not good enough. Thanks

  5. Oops! I didn’t see all of the previous comments, so in essence, I wash the cover, somehow figure out how to get the inner ‘naked’ cover off, and bag all of the foam and wash it in small batches to get the smell out. Yikes…that is going to take forever, but I would just hate to have to get rid of this thing – the kids love it! Thanks for the tips, everyone. 🙂

  6. Stephanie says:

    You can always buy new foam and replace it after washing the inner cover. It’s cheaper than buying a new sac and easier than washing all the foam!

  7. Hi, my super sac has got quoits a bit of mould on the interior due to a damp floor in our house, rather p@$&ed off, any one know best way to treat it? Thanks

  8. Is there an easy way to get the covers back on the sectional cushions after washing them?

  9. Ive found that taking it to a car wash and pressure washing the shit out of it in the back of a truck works pretty well. Then you put it in the air at home with a hammock or something similar and let it dry rotating it every couple hours.

  10. Shawna, you are the best! I’m going to do just that in my truck this spring!

  11. Hi! Great suggestions for cleanings:) Does anyone know where you can by new foam?

  12. Hannah miller says:

    125.00 for a new cushion at lovesac.
    In going through the same thing. I’ve had to wash the under liner getting them on and off is a pain. I sprayed the foam cushion with an enzymatic cleaner. Get serious is the and of it from

  13. How do I clean the foam inside my lovesac?

  14. I use cheap white vinegar as an enzymatic cleaner for cat urine

    I’ve only hand washed the cover in the bath tub and lined dry. After reading the comments. I’ll use the washer instead and add vinegar to the bleach and rinse container and maybe an extra cup inside the washer. I’m going to try washing the insert cover and maybe foam too. Thanks for the tips!

  15. I am looking for a water proof love sac cover. Has anyone found one or had one made?

  16. I had a flood in the basement – about an inch of water Elk Phur cover. The bottom part (cover and inside) is now all wet. Any advice? Take off cover and put in dryer? leave everything and hope it dries on its own?
    Currently its winter time so putting it outside is not an option.

    Thanks in advance

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