Best LoveSac Holiday Gifts for 2011

Looking to spoil your family and friends this year? LoveSac has the best selection of unique gift ideas that keep on giving year round.

If you want an alternative to modern gift staples such as cell phones, iPads, and video games then LoveSacs are a great option. These curious and comfortable chairs are a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys watching movies, sports, and playing video games.

During the holiday shopping season you’ll find some of the year’s best prices on Sac packages and other comfy gift ideas. Here is a quick look at some of the best bargains…

Cow Phur LoveSac Packages
Yes they have a funny name, but the we’re not joking when we say Cow Phur is one of the most comfortable fabrics around. Synthetically similar to rabbit fur, these sinfully soft Sacs will instantly become the favorite seat in any room.

Each Cow Phur Package includes a LoveSac with Cow Phur Cover an matching SodaSac Drink Holder, TubeSac Pillow, Squattoman Foot Rest, and Cow Phur Throw Blanket. The brownish-grey color blends well with any decor and three sizes are available to fit any size room.

Cow Phur SuperSac Package (seats up to 3 adults) $799
Cow Phur MovieSac Package (seats up to 2 adults) $699
Cow Phur CitySac Package (seats 1) $599


PillowSac Packages
The PillowSac contains the same shredded durafoam stuffing that makes LoveSacs so incredibly comfortable and durable. The difference here is the PillowSac has a rectangular shape which gives it several unique seating positions…including lying flat as a double bed. Thus you can use your PillowSac as a sofa seat during the day and quickly transform it into a bed when it is time to turn in for the night.

You’d normally pay over $500 just for a PillowSac and cover, but during the holidays you can find special packages that include the Sac, Cover, Matching Throw Pillows, and the unique Rocker Frame that supports seating positions without having to lean your Sac against the wall. All this and a variety of colors to choose from, starting at only $599.

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