6 Ways to Repurpose Your Old LoveSac Cover

Even though LoveSac covers are washable and guaranteed for 3 years, there are plenty of good reasons to invest in a new cover. Perhaps you want a different look to match your other furniture, or maybe your dog has simply worn out your existing cover.

No matter what the reason for buying a new cover, it makes sense to try and recycle your old one into something useful. The fabrics used by LoveSac are custom-designed for both durability and softness, making unwanted covers worth more than your average pile of old clothes. And considering you’ll pay $150 to $300 for a new cover, it would be a shame to not get anything out of your old one.

So instead of wasting this unique fabric, I’ve come up with a few ideas for you to repurpose your old cover. Here are six ways to add new life to your Rhinoplush or Eskimo Phur…

1) Make a LoveSac Halloween Costume
If you are looking for a costume that is guaranteed to be one-of-kind, put on your cover and stuff it with a bunch of newspaper or inflated ballons. All you need to do is cut out a few holes for your head and arms. Use the zipper opening to add your choice of stuffing and as a hole for your legs. If you need to, you can use heavy-duty binder clips to keep the bottom closed without zipping it.

2) Build a Pet Bed
The best way to preserve you new cover might be to give Fido his very own LoveSac bed. You can stuff the cover with packing peanuts or even some old towels to make the perfect pet pillow. Your furry friend will already be attracted to the familiar scent of the fabric, and because it is washable (remove stuffing first) you easily clean it when necessary!

3) Create a Blanket or Pillow Cover
Now you will need some basic sewing skills to pull this off, but anyone who knows how to use a sewing machine should be able to make a blanket in an about an hour. Keep it in your car to use at outdoor events, or make some pillow covers to to add flair to your existing throw pillows. Feeling crazy? Super-size your pillow pattern to create a replica of the Original LoveSac Body Pillow.

4) Car Seat Covers for Pets
Protect your seats from Fido’s dirty feet by draping an old cover over your car’s backseat. If your have a SuperSac or BigOne then it might even be big enough to wrap around the entire rear bench. You’ll have to strategically cut a wide opening around the zipper closure, but if you do it right you’ll have one stylish seat for your pet.

5) Save on Another LoveSac
Did you know you can purchase a “naked sac” without buying a cover? This is an easy way to add another Sac to your room and save money in the process. They run about $450 for a MovieSac, or $600 for a SuperSac, but be sure to use my coupon and save 10% on your order. Of course you can also go the cheap route by filling your old cover with Styrofoam pellets, but you’ll need a couple hundred dollars worth to fill the whole thing. It won’t feel like a LoveSac but it might work as something for the kids to play with.

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