5 Places that Would Be Much Cooler with LoveSacs

Do you ever miss your LoveSac while away from home? Owning the most comfortable seat in the world can make sitting anywhere else a major disappointment. Here is my list of 5 places that could drastically improve their “seating situation” by adding a few LoveSacs.

The Dentist Office
Dr. Smith might not like the idea of trading his fancy examination table for a LoveSac, but I think it would be a natural fit. The way you sit back in a Sac makes it easy to rest your head with your mouth open. And when it comes to being sedated… I can’t think of a better seat for taking a nap!

The Library
Why should we be punished for learning by having to sit at those uncomfortable chairs and desks? Imagine reading through your research data in comfort while listening to your iPod. The library is overdue for an update and some modern furniture is a good place to start. Think of how popular study groups would be if we all had our own Sacs to cozy up in!

Hey, a man can dream right? Not only would LoveSacs instantly make air travel more comfortable, but they would also keep the stinky old man sitting next to you from invading your personal space! Kids would never cry on the plane again and in-flight movie sales would go through the roof. As for the safety concerns… you really think that seat-belt is going to save you in a plane crash?

The fact is most men hate going to church and if salvation was sold in a bottle I bet the majority of us would skip the weekly sermon. Now what would happen if churches were a little less stuffy and more interactive. I envision circular rows of LoveSacs surrounding a center stage where the priest engages with audience instead of just preaching to them. It might sound crazy but then again it might boost attendance 🙂

The LoveSac Leap is good clean fun for both adults and kids, so why not make it an outdoor activity too? Obviously you’d need a special Sac built to survive the elements but the potential is endless. Monkey bars across a sea of Sacs… Sacs on trampolines… Tire swing Sacs! Lawsuits be damned; this is what the kids want!

Here’s 5 more “obvious places” where LoveSacs would enhance the experience…
– Your Office
– Movie Theaters
– Sporting Events
– Coffee Shops
– Tattoo Parlors

Where would you put a Sac if there were no rules?


  1. Billy the Kid says:

    Love it! You should add classrooms too – how cool would that be?

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