4th of July Sale Going on Now!

Whether you’re already planning for back to school, or just looking to treat yourself to some new furniture, the 4th of July Sale at lovesac.com has some great deals for you! The discounted prices are live now through July 10, 2013.

This sale is very similar to the other 40% off events you’ll see throughout the year, but I always find a couple items that stand out from the others. Here are my favorite deals for this particular sale…

Sale on supersacs and pillowsacs.

Limited Edition Sandstorm & Camel Phur Supersac Packages
On Sale for $799
Both come with matching foot rest, drink holder and neck pillow.
I love these lighter colors even though they might be tough to keep clean. The Camel Phur looks like the perfect place to take a summer snooze!

Taupe Swirl Phur Pillowsac Package with Footsac Blanket
On Sale for $549
This would like really nice in your college bedroom, would it not? You can’t beat the price and the footsac blankets are cool because they have a little pocket to keep your feet from sliding our of the covers.

Red Dot Weave Supersac Package – Online Only!
On Sale for $699 (not pictured above)
If you love red then this package is the best deal available out of the entire sale. There are a couple leather options at $699 but I personally prefer a softer fabric.

These are my featured deals for the Lovesac 4th of July Freedom Sale. You can view the entire inventory online by clicking here!

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