4th of July Sale Going on Now!

$100 Off Super Sacs

Whether you’re already planning for back to school, or just looking to treat yourself to some new furniture, the 4th of July Sale at lovesac.com has some great deals for you! The discounted prices are live now through July 10, 2013. [Read more…]

LoveSac Sactionals Product Guide and Reviews

Sactional Base

If you are looking for quality sectional sofa that offers modular flexibility and outstanding quality and craftsmanship then the LoveSac Sactional is the perfect choice. And when it comes to making a design statement, LoveSac is the brand best known for putting the “fun” in functional furniture.  [Read more…]

LoveSac Big One Review – Can you handle it?

LoveSac BigOne Review

If you have ever wanted to buy your own island, the LoveSac BigOne might be just the thing to tide you until you win the lottery. The hierarchy of rec room furniture goes something like this: recliner, love seat, sofa, sectional, and at the the very top is the Big One. [Read more…]

How to Setup Your LoveSac Sactional

LoveSac Design Star 1

If you’re thinking about buying a LoveSac Sactional then you might be wondering how this “modular furniture” actually works. Well in many ways it’s not much different from playing with Legos. You have bases pieces, side pieces and back pillows. From there you can create just about anything you want. [Read more…]

LoveSac Movie Lounger Review

LoveSac Movie Lounger

If you are looking for a sleek upgrade to your couch but don’t have room for a full size Sactional, the LoveSac Movie Lounger is a great alternative. Best of all, it still has the same flexible features that make Sactionals so cool. [Read more…]

LoveSac SuperSac Review: The One that Started Everything!

LoveSac SuperSac

Back when LoveSac founder Shawny D. was selling sacs out of his van while traveling across the country, the SuperSac was the only size available. Today there are several sizes and styles to choose from but this super sack is still the flagship product. [Read more…]

PillowSacs: The Best Blend of Comfort and Versatility

PillowSacs are perfect for dorms and bedrooms.

Perhaps the most underrated product in LoveSac’s line of alternative furniture is the PillowSac. This 4.5′ by 6′ over-sized pillow is perfect for college dorm rooms and bedrooms. But the really neat part about PillowSacs is that you can set them up in a variety of ways. [Read more…]