Archives for May 2013

Tour of the LoveSac Headquarters

Hear is a peak into the LoveSac headquarters.  The tour guide is CEO Shawn Nelson who has built LoveSac into huge furniture company from very meager beginnings.  He actually used to sell LoveSacs from the back of his van at concerts and flea markets.

Luxury Graduation Gifts They’ll Love

Want to give your new grad something more than the standard envelope of cash? If expensive is well within your budget then you might consider outfitting their apartment with modern furniture from LoveSac. [Read more…]

Finding Love Sac Covers

Love Sac CoversOne of the fun features of your Love Sac is the ability to change covers to suit your tastes.  This is great if you want to redecorate your room or just bring a new look to your favorite piece of furniture. [Read more…]