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Fat LoveSac in a Little Truck

Remember the compact box your LoveSac was shipped to your house in? Well just like puppies and children, LoveSacs grow up fast. This of course is a good thing…unless you are trying to move out of your place and all you have is an SUV to transport everything!

Here is a funny short video of two guys trying to stuff their LoveSac into the back of their truck. Will it fit?

Nooder the LoveSac Puppy

Announcing Nooder – the soft and cuddly LoveSac mascot. Made from a special mop terry material that is reserved for the softest car cloths and bath mats on the planet, Nooder is not your everyday Teddy Bear. Not only does his unique texture make you want to snuggle with him everywhere, but he also has a secret. His body is actually stuffed with 34″ x 56″ LoveSac blanket!

Nooder was inspired by the popular Zoobies pillow-blanket animals that have been adored by kids and adults alike. This unique combination of plush animal and functional blanket makes Nooder the perfect gift for your child or sweetheart.And when you are done snuggling with the blanket you simply fold it back into Nooder’s belly until next time.

Nooder is not the only character available with these blanket/animal combos. There is also Mister Fox, Kobe the Cow, and Spade the Love Puppy. Each is available online for $59.99.

More LoveSac News

GamerSacs Starting at $219

The most comfortable gaming chair just got a lot cheaper! Right now you can get in a GamerSac from the LoveSac clearance section for only $219 with Free Shipping. At the time of writing this the styles available were Navy Twill, Eskimo Phur, Mushroom PlushSuede, and the incredibly unique FarmerTan. Both the Navy Twill and FarmerTan packages come with a SpeakerSac to enhance your gaming experience.

GamerSacs are just the right size to settle into a long gaming session. They are built for one person, but the oversized dimensions give you plenty of room to relax.

Also on clearance are a handful of CitySacs (formerly known as PlayerSacs). These offer a bit more room than the Gamer Sac, and are designed to let you sink deeper into your seat while staying upright and focused on your game play. Styles available include your choice of Eskimp Phur, Espresso PlushSuede, and Navy Twill for $299.

Both of these LoveSacs are perfect for dorm rooms and bedrooms. Get one now while quantities last!

More Promotions

RhinoPlush LoveSacs are Here!

Looking for a little more texture and protection when wrapping your Sac? RhinoPlush is the answer. Billed as the heartiest fabric in the LoveSac line of covers, this unique fabric has a Velvish exterior bonded to a thick layer of synthetic padding. The result is a resilient cover that provides the softness of velvet and the comfort you expect from LoveSac. [Read more…]