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LoveSac to the Rescue: Saves Women’s Life

We all know how comfortable a lovesac is when playing video games and watching movies, but did you know if can also be used to prevent you from being run over by a tractor?

Fox News ran a story about a woman who lives in a small cabin in Salt Lake City.  Apparently she was going about her morning routine when a runaway tractor crashed through her home and pinned her against the wall.  She somehow found the wherewithal to duck behind her lovesac as the tractor plowed through her living room.

Here is an excerpt from the orginal article:

“I thought I was going to die. That room is so small, and the cabin’s so small,” Aziz said. “The walls are so very thin. When the tractor came through, there was no warning. I was just sitting there, with my dog, Mickie, who was sitting across from me on the LoveSac. I was working on some paperwork when I heard an extremely loud explosion, and the next thing I knew, I was being thrown across the room.”

“I felt my body being hit, smashed and pushed through the wall, and that tractor kept coming. It didn’t even slow down. It actually picked up my LoveSac, pinning me between the LoveSac and what was left of my living room wall,” said Aziz, 21. “My first thought was I was going to die. That this was it. I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t move.”

Fortunately for Aziz, a four-sport star athlete in high school who passed U.S. Marine Corps training at Parris Island, her training kicked in. When the tractor finally stopped, and she was pulled from the wreckage, Aziz amazingly hadn’t broken a bone. The LoveSac cushioned the tractor’s blow and acted as a safety buffer, saving her life in the process.

“I realized I had to find some way to breathe right away. That’s when my Marine Corps training came through, I guess, and I just started screaming,” said Aziz. “I knew that there would be people coming, and I wanted them to know exactly where I was. One of my legs was sticking out, so I started moving that around, hoping somebody would see me.”

Here is a video of the story run on Fox News.  The quality is weak since it is a recording of the TV broadcast, but you still get all the details.  The story begins about 5 seconds after the video loads.

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