Archives for June 2008

Good Times with LoveSacs (Pics from the Web)

It is pretty entertaining to search the web looking for creative uses of LoveSacs.  Here is what a quick search of Flickr turned up for us…

#1 Stuffed in Car – All the more reason to have your Sac delivered. [Read more…]

Kat Von D Gets a New Love Sac

Kat Von D needed a hot new look for her tattoo shop and Whoo Kid knew how to hook her up.  Check out her custom made GS sectional, complete with embroidered logo. [Read more…]

Top 5 Things to Do in Your LoveSac

5. Zone Out
One of our favorite things to do in a LoveSac is NOTHING AT ALL!  Sounds boring?  Trust us, it is much more refreshing than you could imagine.  Just relax – read a magazine, listen to music, or close our eyes and clear your mind. [Read more…]