2 New Ways to Buy Your LoveSac

Once you’ve decided to buy a LoveSac there are two important decisions you must make before placing your order. With six available sizes and dozens of fabric combinations the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing your sac.

The most common question we get on this site is “what size LoveSac should I buy?” It is not always easy to answer because much of the answer has to do with the space you have. Most people seem torn between buying the popular SuperSac and MovieSac because they are so closely related. That decision should get easier with the addition of the LoveSac Product Guide videos.

Now you can compare the size and benefits of every product with these helpful videos that are posted on LoveSac.com

Here is the introduction to the LoveSac Product Line:

And you can also find an overview of the most popular fabric lines within the LoveSac Fabric Guide Videos. Personally, I think this is the most important series to investigate since the Rhinoplush and Phur fabrics can look a bit different in your house depending on the lighting.

So the bottom line here is you now have additional resources to use before ordering your LoveSac online. Be sure to take measurements of the space where your Sac will go to insure the best fit. You can compare the space you have with the product dimensions on the website.

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